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With indoor gardening comes the issue of garden gnats, bacteria and viruses hitching a ride in the soil, ready to infest your garden and harm your plants. In this video I show you guys how to sterilize the soil using an oven and a little bit of patience to ensure it is clean and ready for growing! Related PostsIndoor Gardening: Prepping the Soil – Beginner Tutorial Part 1Soil vs Hydro vs Coco Blend for Indoor Gardening and HydroponicsSOIL VS COCO COIR! – INDOOR GARDENING WITH MARS HYDRO LEDAfrican Violet Plants – Indoor GardeningHow to Add Coffee Grounds to Your Vegetable Garden Soil : Gardening AdviceRaised Bed Gardening For Beginners. Site Selection, Organic Soil and Mulch

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  • miscellaneous michelle 1 week ago

    Wowww I have to try this. Very informative Video

  • Simon Delaney 1 week ago

    I have just done this yesterday because I had what I think was root maggot larvae in my pots,
    I lost a plant last week and when I pulled it out it's roots were totally gone, I inspected the soil in the pot and noticed all these little maggots in there so I put the soil in the oven in a metal baking tray and heated the soil for about 40minutes, I then mixed in cold water as the soil was now very dry and the cold water cooled the soil quickly, I then used it to pot up another plant straight away and it seems to be going ok so far. Apparently there are also solder fly larvae which are good to have around but I dont know the difference, I'm guessing because they are the roots they must be root maggots though.

  • dheller777 1 week ago

    Have not tried this but am going to next season. Thanks for sharing!