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In this video, Smokey Lott talks about gardening indoor marijuana plants. Video Submitted By:–g Mr. Grow It Website: Twitter and Facebook: @MrGrowIt Ôľ║Beginner eBook!: 7 Steps To Grow Cannabis – Written by me! ­čÖé Ôľ║Advanced eBook!: Growing Elite Marijuana – Written by cultivation expert Ryan Riley! Ôľ║Grow Equipment: The BEST tools and equipment for growing! Ôľ║Get seeds: Seeds from 3 reliable seed banks! HUGE variety and good deals! Just Grow It is a Community Channel. Viewers submit videos and the best videos get featured. SUBMISSION: If you want to submit a video to this YouTube channel, simply fill in the SUBMIT form located on our website at: If you are a business and would like to sponsor us or advertise with us, please email: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsINDOOR GARDENING CANNABIS PLANTS – SOIL VS COCO COIR – HARVESTING MARIJUANAMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDENING! – GROW UPDATE ON 4 WEED PLANTSCANNABIS PLANTS IN FLOWER – INDOOR GARDENING GROW VLOG UPDATEMEDICAL CANNABIS INDOOR GARDENING! – 4 PLANTS IN A 4X4 GROW TENT100% ORGANIC CANNABIS GROW! – INDOOR GARDENINGSTARTING AN ORGANIC GROW! – INDOOR GARDENING

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  • dalton vickers 10 months ago

    looking really good. Great plants´╗┐

  • cardel thomas 10 months ago

    Hey everyone how can I get the maxuim weight of my plant´╗┐

  • Grow Big 10 months ago

    u got some pretty ass girls bro´╗┐

  • 1267andy the retired grower 10 months ago

    awesome show my friend,, yep that is so true,, hated people squeezing my buds,, did`nt mind a small touch on a sugar leaf but dont be squeezing my best colas man.. your garden looks awesome, im gonna kick back and catch up with ur vids now brother UKLP´╗┐

  • Almus Gaston 10 months ago

    Nice update bro looking really good but here is a tip for you you see that red light on your new toy it will make your plants hurm put a piece of black tape on it stay green brother´╗┐

  • Hunting Phenos 10 months ago

    Respect those squeeze Ôś║ stay frosty´╗┐

  • Smokey Lott 10 months ago

    haha my old dark heart nursery grow thanks bro in two weeks I will do a nice outdoor update thanks again #Growerlove´╗┐

  • Arturo Soto 10 months ago

    damm brother nice work I appreciate you´╗┐

  • Rahmatollah Arab 10 months ago

    u ar good far´╗┐

  • Pro Grow 10 months ago

    Nice! not to far from flush time, and then its time for the best day for a gardener… chop chop! looks great brother!´╗┐

  • Jeremy Byrd 10 months ago

    can I squeeze your nug…..I hate that to…..´╗┐

  • AZ Big J 420 10 months ago

    Looking good´╗┐

  • zapnot 10 months ago