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Thanks to Windowfarms — a new movement toward hydroponic, vertical farming in urban areas — were growing okra, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce from recycled water bottles in our windowsills. In todays video, artists/geniuses/Brooklynites Britta Riley and Maya Nayak explain their process, why its important, and why its, well, just plain awesome (it will impress your friends). Enjoy! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Vegetable Gardening, Indoor Gardening Tips, Indoor Container Gardening IdeasSuper Low Budget Indoor Gardening SuppliesCFL Grow Light Reviews for Indoor Hydroponics and Indoor GardeningBest And Most Popular Indoor Gardening Tips One Should Know- Indoor Gardening TipsIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingSuper Best indoor garden design ideas | Small space indoor gardening





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  • Jason Gaddie 1 year ago

    Does the plants absorb the cancer causing chemicals that are in the plastic water bottles? You know youre not supposed to reuse those bottles because of it. You know they arent supposed to get heated because they release toxins that cause breast cancer in millions of men and women each year. This is probably a horrible idea made with great intentions

  • XxjackmimixX 1 year ago

    ads that appear on sites depend on your search history btw!! so its not the website that chooses what ads to pop up its really your search history :D

  • XxjackmimixX 1 year ago

    ads that appear on sites depend on your search history btw its not the website that chooses what ads to pop up its really your search history :D

  • Marian Kassin 1 year ago

    Love your site EXCEPT for the Porno like ads surrounding your site otherwise I would subscribe My grankids get enough from TV Sorry 🙁

  • Vijay ku 1 year ago

    ur video really nice, i like to do in my home please send the details about making that Indoor Gardening to my E-mail, please don't forgot to send, have a nice day

  • Ontime891 1 year ago

    the plastic bottles look tacky

  • Casimir P 1 year ago

    Why the hype? Lettuce is lettuce. Also, howcome I see so many abandoned or failed vert bottle gardens in hipstery studio windows?

  • Raymond Mesa 1 year ago


  • maybeslut 1 year ago

    i like the idea ! Im doing something similar – but why im actually commenting whats the name of the songs you used!

  • hien pham 1 year ago

    thats fantastic, i need some help though

  • collectorbob810 1 year ago

    how much dose this cost the tax payer?

  • CronosTheAnubis 1 year ago

    G-D save who did this video!!!
    bless you all who liked it!

  • boscoitalics 1 year ago

    Neat idea 🙂

  • Nick Maldonado 1 year ago

    what kind of light bulb was that in 1.04

  • Melissa Miller 1 year ago

    Oh I would love to be able to grow inside other than my little Aero garden and a few house plants I do love my Aero garden but I have one huge window on the side of my house that facing another house so not much of a view and this would be a perfect Idea it gets gets lots of sun so I know it would do great and it has 6ft by 8ft maybe of beautiful sun light just not much of a View to look out at.

  • barefootgarden 1 year ago

    Hello use green bottles and the light will not affect the nutrient rich water and you will not have any algee bloom.

  • mrfoltz 1 year ago

    But pardon my ignorance … I thought it wasn't very informative.. no instructions or "if" where to buy them?