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In The Night Garden Explore & Learn Musical Carousel – Available from – The iconic In The Night Garden carousel is brought to life with this amazing interactive toy full of bright colours, lights, sounds and activities galore! Each electronic side of the carousel features a different character from the much loved show and has exciting activities to discover. Little ones will have hours of fun with their In The Night Garden friends as Igglepiggle sings his songs and says different phrases whilst Upsy Daisy does one of her all them favourite things- dance! There’s also Makka Pakka who is hiding in his cave – fold open the peek a boo door to find him! You can also press the Pinky Ponk button to hear more fun phrases and sounds. The Tombliboos and Ninky Nonk Train also feature in this magical activity toy that will excite, delight and enchant every little In The Night Garden fan. The carousel is made from chunky durable plastic and has a carry handle for on the move…perfect for energetic and curious toddlers! The carousel will help to develop fine motor skills and stimulate senses through sounds and lights. Approx. height 30cm. Suitable for children aged 12 months and over. Features include; • Choose between 2 modes; characters songs and sounds or simple word learning through fun activities • Over 70 songs, sounds and fun phrases • Make Upsy Daisy dance • Wake up Igglepiggle • Find Makka Pakka hiding in his cave • Have fun with the Tombliboos • Spin the Ninky Nonk drum • Discover the Pinky Ponk and Tittifers • Switch on the flashing light • Carry handle for on the move Video Rating: / 5 Nobody likes to plant a garden or container garden and find it dug up by […]

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  • Flower Girl 1 year ago

    Oh The Ninky Nonk Has Swapped

  • rahel aklilu 1 year ago

    Kunniga b

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  • Saeed Ahmed 1 year ago

    mam beautiful work

  • Random myths 1 year ago

    I just stuck up skewers in my garden around my soil plot. I really hope it works.

  • Javed faziljaved 1 year ago

    keep a small size dog. it will make cat visits to minimum

  • PatriciaL. Clark 1 year ago

    Cayenne pepper didn't work on the neighborhood cats here. We even tried sticking plastic forks tines up in the area where they keep digging. But they just worked around them. Chicken wire sounds like a good idea.

  • xanh01 1 year ago

    Use pepper, garlic and cinnamon powders.

  • Jerry Perry 1 year ago

    Another technique is to avoid open spaces in the garden and sprinkle it with small pebbles.

  • bishplis 1 year ago

    wtf cats are part of nature

  • T AN 1 year ago

    How about cat owners start giving a shit about people's property and I'll start giving a fuck about a cats life.

  • Ghost Rider 1 year ago

    we have a cat,but if i catch that cat in my raised bed i will feed him a hollow point for sure.

  • sonny pham 1 year ago