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My Grey Fishhooks Senecio had trails over 6′ long & was growing in the 6″ pot just as it came from the grower’s greenhouse. This hanging succulent keeps on growing and I knew that the pot was getting way too small for it. More details & pics at: Fishhooks Senecio Care here: Here’s the link to the pot: _________________________________________________________________ MY BUSINESS: JOY US GARDEN This is where I share all things gardening & creating. Let’s get out in the garden & make the world a beautiful place! YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT AT: SIGN UP FOR MY MONTHLY NEWSLETTER SO YOU GET THE GOOD STUFF: SOCIAL MEDIA MADNESS Connect With Me At: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Google+: —————————————-­­—————————————­-­———————— This plant has been happily doing it’s trailing thing in a very bright spot, with about an hour of direct sun, on the patio off of my living room enjoying the hot desert days & evenings. But, time to spring inot action! The little repotting job was not so little but that’s what I expected. When you’re transplanting the succulent version of Lady Godiva it’s not an easy undertaking after all! Finding a hanging pot that I like is always a challenge for me. They’re either too cheap looking, too bulky, too heavy or just plain ugly. I found this pot one that I really liked and the size was spot on. Here’s the link to the pot: My Grey Fishhooks Senecio is now all repotted & hanging back in its spot looking as happy as a succulent has a right to. It now has plenty of room to grow although I’m not too sure I want it to get too much longer. Oh well, I can always cut off those ends […]

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  • Shahila Siddiqui 5 months ago

    Next time in u want change plants that long strings ,I will give u Idea how to Chang long string planters live hanging ur old plant don't touch is take Of from heck ,fill ur new planter with ur desiring soil if u have a stamps ladder put under old hanging plants take a new planter what u fill with soil put that new planter under the old planter than u take few step up un huck old planter solely in new planter fill little soil on top off ,ur string will be as good as in old planter never will be broken

  • Amandadahhhling 5 months ago

    I was wondering how long it took for that plant to grow that long and also where you buy the worm stuff? Also, will you ever do another selling of the fishhooks?? I missed the last opportunity as I am a new subscriber, but i'm very interested in some cuttings. Also, A belated welcome to Tucson, I live here too! 😀

  • Shahila Siddiqui 5 months ago

    Ur the best Gardner !

  • Shahila Siddiqui 5 months ago

    U can take off the top hook to spread the wine écoulé !

  • soniabebbington 5 months ago

    How much do u water mine seem to loose all its leaves by winter then start to return late winter

  • Stacy Ray 5 months ago

    I love your videos!!! You are a women from my own heart!!! Love getting dirty!!! It is November 19 and we are starting to get some cold weather here in Alabama so I had to spend all day getting my babies in before the too cold weather!! I put some in the house and a few in the garage!!

  • Nancy Stringer 5 months ago

    Hi Nell, great video! Do you ever prune back a fishhook? Also, I'm looking for a nice "spiller" for a Mexican glazed pot that lays on its side on a tiled plant shelf that sits about 3' high. (We're in San Diego.) Any ideas for a spiller that isn't quite as lengthy as a fishhook?

  • Geetha Prakash 5 months ago

    Very Beautiful , good job 🙂

  • joed596 5 months ago

    Hey, Nell 🙂 I enjoy your videos a lot, but especially this one. Really appreciate your efforts to get today's video out despite pending thunderstorm, etc. You handled it very well, too! <lol> 😉 "Re-potting" plants can be intimidating, but after watching your efforts, I realize I'm not alone! Thanks, thumbs up, and hope you have a great beer & a swim! 😉 Norfolk Joe xoxx

  • SoothingChime15 5 months ago

    I love watching your potting up videos. It's great to then see them hanging ( or sitting) in their new home around your lovely new place. 🙂

  • mysticshining 5 months ago

    Looks great Nell 😀 I bet you're used to southern california where I think the weather is pretty much the same, day after day? Hehe. Love seeing this new place and the garden looks incredible, will love to see all aspects of what you do with it. Thnx, Tammy

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 5 months ago

    I absolutely ADORE your Fishooks Senecio, its so BEAUTIFUL 🙂 and it looks so AMAZING in its wonderful new hanging basket 🙂 thanks a million for sharing Nell and sending you an abundance of love and happy growing from Ireland to Arizona for a FANTASTIC weekend XXXX <3