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  • Vousie V 1 year ago

    Watched the start of this video, saw this green painted guy, heard his strange voice… Pretty sure he's smoking the pot while filming the video.?

  • ImJu5tMe 1 year ago

    Anyone else slightly disturbed??

  • Ben Smith 1 year ago

    this fella is a bit odd…he seems to know his stuff then does dumb things like doing a ph test BEFORE he puts his nutes in….wrong should be last thing you test as your nutes can change your ph. And you don't have to put a clone on 12 hr light to sex it ffs. you can tell as the plant starts to get a bit bigger. …belive me as Iv done it many times lol…but yeah apart from that he can grow ??

  • VerticleXBL 1 year ago

    anyone know roughly how much it would cost me for all the gear to get my own set up going???

  • youssef elnaggar 1 year ago

    what nutrients does this dude use?!?!?! never got explained?

  • Nurullah Karaca 1 year ago

    can some one tell me for one flower 70-80w Led light enough ? its going so far so good with healthy growing ^^?

  • Monique Earby 1 year ago

    this video was very helpful…..please show more……….?

  • Micheal Martinez 1 year ago

    is he really green? O_o?

  • Soonmush 1 year ago

    But no flushing with pure water to rinse the fertilizer off??

  • AndroidUnix PhoneAndroid 1 year ago

    28:44 LOL ??!!!??!!!!! hahaha?

  • sie Goldie77 1 year ago

    this guy knows nothing he's a joke , them plants are a mess for 2 months old vegging they should be huge?

  • Alex gonsalez 1 year ago

    Were can i get some seeds ??

  • Jennifer M. Phelps 1 year ago

    I think I am not made for this.. I try and try and try and I fail. EIther a disease, either I have no idea what I am doing. All youtube videos and I fail..I'm dumb.?

  • Crazysingermandude 1 year ago

    That bud looks shit – the seedlings need at least a few months to develop the genetics for proper full potential?

  • Doug 1 year ago

    Mr. Green, Are you still about I have a question for you.?

  • Coach Gumby 1 year ago

    I'm screwing in my little 1 inch nozzle and tightening the nut. lool…?

  • Jacob Hoover 1 year ago

    How many of these rooms will get me 100 racks in 6 months #replycomment roughly..?

  • thc rockstar 1 year ago

    what happend to this dude?? he must be still about sum where?