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John from goes on a field trip to JSH hydroponics in Houston ,Texas to share with you the 100% legal crop they are growing that is more valuable for your health than Weed aka Cannabis aka Marijuana. In this episode, John will share with you a hydroponics store that is growing microgreens instead of Cannabis using hydroponic methods of growing. First, John will take you into the hydroponics store and share with you his opinions about growing with synthetic hydroponic nutrients. He will suggest ways that you can easily transition to more organic methods of growing even if using a hybrid hydroponic and organic growing methods. Next, you will discover a few products at the hydroponics store that can be valuable to every gardener growing an outdoor garden. You will learn about a bagged soil product and why it’s Johns #1 favorite item available at many good hydroponic stores. You will then learn how JSH Hydroponics started growing lettuce to increase its revenue, and how they transitioned out of growing lettuce that was not so profitable into growing one of the most profitable crops that can be grown legally: Microgreens. John will then take you around and show you the Microgreens Grow at JSH hydroponics, aka JSH Microgreens and take you step-by-step on how they grow their microgreen vegetables at this Houston, TX hydro store. You will learn the specific steps on how to successfully grow microgreens for fun or profit, including: Using the best water, selecting the best varieties of seeds, and healthiest seeds, how to grow indoors without leaking water, the best soil to use to plant the seeds, how to compress your soil so you an even grow every time, how often to water your plants, how to provide the best environment for growing microgreens, the […]

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  • Joe Utterback 8 months ago

    Anyone have any info about the cantaloupe microgreens he mentioned? Thanks!

  • Tomasz Zaleski 8 months ago

    whats wrong with being a "crazy Hippie Vegan" !!. Awesome Video Mann!

  • bowlofZOMBIES 8 months ago

    Another video full of helpful info and visuals. My plants and I thank you!

  • 12 TRIBES 8 months ago

    what's the best way to get rid of spider mites?

  • Cat Lake 8 months ago

    Thank you.Excellent information as always.

  • Toophelka 8 months ago

    There is also a consideration of popularity of the crop. What is the demand for microgreens? How much effort do you have to put into selling them?

  • Burning Bananas 8 months ago

    Great episode John!

  • G Vas 8 months ago

    Wow….I am speachless with Juan's humble attitude. Thank God we still have people like him. I will definitely check this place out. Thanks so much John for all you do.

  • Craig Sanderson 8 months ago

    Excellent episode, I'd like to start something like that here in UK

  • VirtualLife 8 months ago

    Imo, the tops of the plants before the leaves expand past like 45 deg is kind of like a micro green. If u harvest those micro greens like u were topping off a plant by letting it grow a touch more and say leave one set of lower leaves, those microgreens can then b planted and not lost, almost guaranteed success. Then u get to harvest your microgreens, AND also get tons of veg plants u can jst grow. Each time it bushes out and grows new tops, u can keep harvesting those like micro greens by topping those and leaving a lower set and keep doing this. U get to eat the most tender shoots and the plant keeps bushing out

  • Jim S 8 months ago

    Interesting article about possible health hazards of LED lights.

  • iShuffleAt Raves 8 months ago

    wow john thanks a lot for this video. my dad is a chef and has connections everywhere including out of state/country. Ive been growing notill for 3 years now so this should be relatively easy to get down. didnt even know 2oz of microcilantro could go for 20$…. this could be a real opportunity! even doing this as hobby is going to be awesome.

  • Karl Becker 8 months ago

    Anyone have an idea what lights are being used? Nothing on the link to the site.

  • AIIiecat 8 months ago

    This video is way too long, sorry.

  • Rev John O'Toole 8 months ago

    once you have done a harvest of microgreens they won't regrow. what may happen is that that didn't germinate may then grow, but unless you have a lot of space may not be worth the harvest yield.
    The other thing is that you wish to harvest when the true leaves pop out, peas are about 3" tall and sunflower just when the true leaves are visible. If you let the micrgreens grow too long they may not be chewable.

  • Jonathan schadenfreude 8 months ago

    of course you grab the greens in the proximity that any animals uninating on the bed would hit! Wonderful job kohler!