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It’s time for a progress report on the Fall crop of Dutch bucket tomatoes. As I have for a couple years now, I’m growing Big Beef. Things are off to a good start. The first blossoms are starting to set fruit and we should have tomatoes all the way up to Christmas. Looking inside the small greenhouse, the Kratky boxes are doing great. Butterhead lettuce, Romaine, and Tatsoi are looking really good. And the Pak Choi in the floating raft setup is ready to start picking. If you’ve been having trouble growing leafy vegetables, look into hydroponics. It’s a neat way to grow, and very productive. Explaining Kratky hydroponics: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Greenhouse Project, Dutch bucket tomatoes, NFT Peppers and LettuceUpdate Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes Oct 2012 HDStarting Up Hydroponic Dutch Bucket TomatoesDutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes – Lessons Learned and a New CropHydroponic NFT with Bucket System / Dutch BucketSingle Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System – Easy DIY – Patio – Balcony – Winter Gardening

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  • Jackie Snowflake22 9 months ago

    do you have to be in a green house? I don't have the means for the green house.

  • jhune quedado 9 months ago

    im a good follower of yours…thanks for the info dude…learning a lot and am planning to start my setup when i come home…God bless

  • tom nichols -American historian 9 months ago

    outstanding presentation…thank you …have a blessed thanksgiving

  • Ronmiester R 9 months ago

    i know your happy about election ! Looks like We the people made our decicion. Happy gardening

  • Babiraj Bhaskaran 9 months ago

    Can we use coco peat instead of perlite??

  • Alex Jones 9 months ago

    hi good day, where do you get your Big beef seeds to purchase?

  • nelson gonzalez 9 months ago


  • tanya bishop 9 months ago

    Hello. enjoy your channel. Love your voice, and you are not bad on the eyes. Question : What vegies are better for the Kratky method beside lettuce. Thanks cutie.

  • iwantosavemoney 9 months ago

    I hope every thing is going well for you you have not put a video out in a little bit may God bless you and keep you safe

  • 2Miniacs 9 months ago

    Love the videos. Followed your instructions last year. Problem was I was getting tomato roots clogging the outlet tube. Any tips? Would frequency of my nutrient flow or a bigger bucket make a difference (using 3 gallon)? I am using a paint strainer but the roots get through easily. Thanks.

  • Tharakesh MM 9 months ago

    Can tomatoes be grown in 4 inch pvc tubes ?

  • tommy whitlow 9 months ago

    when should i water my plants in clay pebbels ? im from the uk and im growing in a greenhouse this season

  • John Phillips (Kitakitz Publishing) 9 months ago

    I live in the Philippines and rice hulls are in abundance. Do you think I could substitute for Perlite? One bag the size of a 100 lb bag of rice is only 75 cents! I am building dozens of buckets for beans, tomatoes, . thanks for the reply

  • Debra George 9 months ago

    Hi, thanks for the videos. I'm doing my first Bucket Tomatoe BUT i want to do it the Kratky way. Is that possible?

  • Tom Lu 9 months ago

    I enjoyed your channel and thank you for the information you have provided for hydroponic method. I am new and would like to try it myself. My first question is how to choose all these plastic containers and pipes. I see people use vinyl fence posts and PVC pipes. Are these materials safe for containing food or water? A lot of them were originally made for other purposes. Would you please comment on this question? Thank you! God bless, Tom

  • Nathan Macduff 9 months ago

    what do you use to top them?

  • kasturi madhialagan 9 months ago

    very informative! Could you tell me where to get the black plastic?

  • Herman Martinez 9 months ago

    Hello and thank you for your video very educative Question : way you use the elbow inside the bucket I will appreciate it =)

  • Jason stephens 9 months ago

    Hi been building floating raft and kratky hydroponics after watching you posts problem is can't find master blend tomato mix in Australia do you know if there is a supplier in Australia or some where I can order it from txs

  • Alfonso Garcia 9 months ago

    very good; excellent videos? thanks;