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It’s time to find out what this hydroponic tomato actually tastes like. The variety is Big Beef. Compared to a soil grown Big Beef, I’d give this about an 8-8.5 out of 10. As expected, it’s not quite as good as a soil grown tomato. However, taking into consideration the ease of growing, and the fast production. I think it is well worth doing again. I think I can grow my trademark Rutgers and get an even better tasting hydroponic tomato. Looks like I’ll be doing a fall crop of hydroponic tomatoes. Also, I’m showing the Trinidad Scorpion pepper that is growing in the same Dutch Bucket setup and doing extremely well. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Vs Soil Peppers – Can You Taste The Difference – Part2Hydroponic LED Test GardenHow to Setup a home made DWC Hydroponic System To grow Giant TomatoGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes – Small Tomato PlantsStrange Hydroponic Tomato Has Seedlings Growing InsideHydroponic Tomato Greenhouse, a year-round success

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  • IAMGiftbearer 1 month ago

    I've got about 30 seedling plants right now; some growing on my deck and some under a grow light in pots while I get my hydroponic equipment set up. Can't wait to see how they do once I transfer them! Your tomato sure looks delicious!

  • Stephen Davidson 1 month ago

    Well i am sold on using hydroponics for growing my tomatoes. for the last 2 years, i've tried using both potting soil and i've tried planting them in the back yard and have gotten very little to no fruit. Between seeing the vines full of tomatoes in this video along with dozens of other YouTube videos, i think i will give Hydroponics a try to see what happens. I'll be using the Kratky method. Thanks for the videos man.

  • James Everhart 1 month ago


  • Ronnie West 1 month ago

    thank you

  • khawar khan 1 month ago


    i’m going to start a hydroponic greenhouse this september. I have a
    question which im not getting any answer from anywhere. Can i grow
    johnnyseeds Big Beef F1 tomato variety in hydroponic greenhouse or i
    must get the pricier option of Geronimo F1 variety which costs 10 times
    more. But i'm willing to pay more if it does have more yield, better taste and other
    benefits. So what should i select? which one is better for commercial use. And whats the taste and yield difference.
    My local market pays more for larger size.
    I want to do this business commercially. i hope you will guide me.
    Appreciate for your response.


  • Farmer Doug 1 month ago

    looks great, that is a beautiful fruit! can hardly wait to try my Better Boys in my drip system.

  • Sam Coulter 1 month ago

    I'd be more impressed with a blind taste test with a hydroponic tomato vs a normally grown tomato. This just seems like a guy trying to sell his own product, but a video of others giving a non-biased impression would be infinitely more powerful.

  • Agim Buxheli 1 month ago
  • Larry Bull 1 month ago

    Great looking plants and fruit !! Organic tea nute or chemical nute. Do you flush your plants? Cant wait to try this method, I've always been a soil grower and am learning that hydroponics is unbelievable. Great videos 

  • minneapplemick 1 month ago

    Have you tried introducing beneficial bacteria and/or beneficial fungi in order to help recreate the symbiotic relationship that exists in soil? I've heard it helps the plant, but I haven't seen anything about helping the taste…

  • mhpgardener 1 month ago

    Growing tomatoes in the dutch bucket system works very well. For anyone who has had trouble growing tomatoes, it's an easy way to have some success. Thanks.

  • roadrcr81082 1 month ago

    I love your videos, and they give me confidence that ill be able to grow my first set of hydroponic tomatoes next year. Thanks for all the great information, and keep on growing some great looking tomatoes.

  • mhpgardener 1 month ago

    Thanks Mike.

  • Mike D 1 month ago

    U rock thanks for th video

  • mhpgardener 1 month ago

    I've grown a few oxhearts and they do get big. They're pretty meaty too. Thanks.

  • mhpgardener 1 month ago

    LOL… I've been eating lots of tomatoes for a few years now. No color change yet. 🙂

  • NJSMKMMS 1 month ago

    Looking at your tomatoes I could almost taste and smell them. Brought back memories of the monster Ox Hearts my grandmother used to grow over 35 years ago. They were so delicious! I love tomatoes but I don't worry about store bought tomatoes now, the only ones that are at all palatable are the super sweet varieties of the cherry tomatoes…….. and they cost an arm and a leg here in Aus. Seems nuts to have to pay extra for taste LOL Anyway I love to watch your vids, Thanks so much for posting

  • mikecat23 1 month ago

    your going to turn a red /orange colour eating all those toms. They are the best tomatoes I've seen in a while. I could almost taste them while you were eating them. Fully ripe of the vine in the sun is the only way to eat them. I think it has to do with the natural sugars not decaying or something like that

  • mhpgardener 1 month ago

    So true, even the so called vine-ripened ones. They just have no taste. Thanks.

  • azal123 1 month ago

    God bless!