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  • Weedla Weeder 10 months ago

    it would be interesting to see the floor light reading, as hps mh has better penetration for untouched plants and led , fluro is good for scrog/lollipop plants, if they glow the floor I'm knocking on your door

  • Pickett 710 10 months ago

    good stuff!

  • Matt Hurd 10 months ago

    Great show remo I was just wondering if you were gonna do some more grow videos it's been a minute can't wait for hash Wednesday keep up the excellent work.

  • Sergio Adauy 10 months ago


  • sxyangeleyez 10 months ago

    least he knew what time it was  wish I could afford his lights

  • 10 months ago


  • RNO Mcmas 10 months ago

    "a cannabis test?" …

  • Is Mann 10 months ago

    Hey, Remo… have you ever experimented with ScrOGing your plants?

  • Nomad Grown 10 months ago

    That system is mind blowing stuff. Remo thanks for all you do. Luv from Nomad Grown Nurseries out of Oakland. we use Remo roots for our legal clone business and wouldn't recommend anything else. cheers brother!

  • Green Gun 10 months ago

    It's different. Careful it doesn't grow up into that light. Good luck Gents=)

  • more vids like this plz remo but ur own grow room wuld b nice to see.btw can i buy ur nutrients even in states where its not fully legal answer at ur own risk lol i really wanna grow a small grow …

  • Kev Mo chara 10 months ago

    2 n half oz.. ? Surely naw