Added by on 2016-05-02 Hydroponic growing room. Stealth grow kit by SuperCloset. The SuperGrowContainer comes standard with: • 98 – BubbleFlow Bucket Hydroponic System featuring DWC, BubblePonics, and the Patent-Pending Recirculating SuperPonics Ebb N’ Cross-Flow • 18 — Properly Air-Cooled 600w High Pressure Sodium Bulbs with built in “Raise/Lower” Yo-Yo System • Timers for complete automation · Award Winning Lumatek Digital, Dimmable Ballasts High Powered Carbon Scrubbing System for Odor Free Growing • Digital Readout Meters showing continual pH, nutrient, temperature, and humidity levels • Internal Circulation System • Adjustable Net Trellising System to maximize yields by tying and supporting your plants • Electrical GFCI Adapters for maximum growing safety • Instructional DVD with set-up instructions and Grow Tips • 3 Year Warranty on all internal parts • Flame Defender Fire Protection System 16,000 BTU Air Conditioning Closed Loop Circuit System R40 Insulated Refrigeration — Highest Insulation Level available on the market today! Lifetime Customer Service and Support Green Lighting System for “Night Time” Viewing Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrow Room | Stealth Hydroponic Grow SystemsGrow Room Stealth Hydroponic Grow SystemsMini Fridge CFL Grow Box Stealth Hydroponic SystemStealth Grow Box SuperCloset SuperLocker Hydroponic Grow Box Medicinal Marijuana Weed Grow CabinetGrow Tent Hydroponic System | SuperCloset HydroponicsViagrow

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