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  • Sathishkumar Srinivasan 1 week ago

    Please use H2O solution for cleaning

  • nirranj prabhu 1 week ago

    sir for reducing fungal infection we should soak the seeds in water mixed with lime juice.

  • abdullah samad 1 week ago

    ஒரு கிலோக்கு எட்டு கிலோ புல் வரவேண்டும்
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  • Raja Rahmathullah 1 week ago

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  • mituman mituman 1 week ago

    wash seeds in bleach. so that insects will be destroyed.. and i think seed germination is not good what shown in video..

  • ADA ADA 1 week ago

    கொசு பூச்சி வரமா இறுக்க என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்

  • Naveen kumar 1 week ago

    You can also use an small fish pond in the bottom of the tray rack's. Then you can also use the water from the pont through single tube on the top Rack tray's then the water will defaultly get down racks from the tray gaps and then it goes to the pond, Here you can get both fish as well as green fodder..

  • Praveen Raaja 1 week ago

    over seed rate …seed rate for 3 x 2 should not exceed 2.5 kg …we should get atleast fodder of 16 to 20 kg

  • ricky3008 1 week ago

    Thanks sir…….Great video

  • Nawshad Housan 1 week ago

    use hydro clorin to wash seeds

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