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  • phily *** 2 months ago

    Nice tits

  • allegri9cl 2 months ago

    Please help me. I went to a Korean store a few days ago and tried a tester Hyaluronic acid cream on my cheeks and undereye.. it started stinging after a few mins and nothing was written in english. It still stings when i apply some cream and is very sensitive..
    my undereyes have developed more wrinkles. I am applying sensitive skin cream. Will it eventually heal and will the wrinkles go? Im so worried

  • Amber Galbiati 2 months ago

    this isnt me being rude but you've had botox done yes? Your forehead doesnt move much when your talking.

  • harsh shah 2 months ago

    can I use this hydraluronic serum at the age of 22 ?!

  • Martha Garza 2 months ago

    hi girlee so we use it kinda like a daily moisturizer?

  • Debbie Newman 2 months ago

    Please warn survivors of cancer hyaluronic acid that's in all their wrinkle creams? It causes cancer cell growth and its in everything, suddenly!

  • Sam D 2 months ago

    You are putting a serum on TOPICALLY and are saying that "it will moisturize from the INside OUT of your skin"?  no, honey, you are yards off that one.  criminy.

  • PLUME 1 2 months ago

    Is it ok to use if you also use Retin-A and have Rosacea?

  • sea beach 2 months ago

    This is a great video, especially how the hyaluronic acid is engineered to allow it to penetrate the skin. I'm subscribing.


    i want to know about the structure of hylouranic acid .

  • Damouse8it 2 months ago

    True. HA molecules are way too big to penetrate your epidermis, just as molecules of collagen are. You know serums that claim they are pure HA or HS, they are NOT. Sodium hyaulonate doesnt come in pure form, it comes in a solution form. It comes to be 1- 2% of the solution, which is primarily comprised of water. If the solution had more than 4% it would actually dry you skin, since its a salt, right? If your serum was a PURE HA ( or Hyaulonate sodium) serum it would be a ROCK. so 4:47…no such thing. but what you said at 4:42 is true.

  • Robin Rose 2 months ago

    How and when do you use it ???

  • sapfo mitilini 2 months ago

    Hi! can I use hyaluronic acid after retin A at night?

  • Micki McGlone 2 months ago

    Finally someone who actually knows what they are talking about.
    These supposed experts really turn me off.
    I'm a skin care formulator and have studied cosmetic chemistry.
    Thank you for telling the truth.
    Hyaluronic us used to expedite new cell growth in HOSPITAL BURN UNITS. ALSO…

  • Brandi Johnson 2 months ago

    I love this video. It helped me a lot. Your skin looks amazing.

  • Rosa M-B 2 months ago

    Which do I use first, Vitamin C serum or the HA? TYIA

  • fadil muhammad 2 months ago

    can i use HA serum after dermarolling ???

  • Haf Sa 2 months ago

    hi ! what products would u recommend for super dry skin, and how should they be layered on?