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SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE IT A THUMBS UP! Check the full recipie at our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Here’s what you’ll need: – A nice Planter – Pebbles – Soil. Any soil will work but is better if you can get special succu mix – Gravel or more pebbles to decor. I use white pebbles for the first layer and red ones as a final layer. – A recipient for the mess you’ll be doing You also may need: – Gardener scissors – A tiny shovel or a spoon Related PostsIndoor Gardening || Life & Style ||99tvHow to Make An Indoor Succulent Garden- Wall Art DIY- Minimalist Home Decor IdeasIndoor succulent wall planter – succulent art – succulent picture frame using popsicle lolly sticksThe Home Depot DIH Workshop: Vertical Succulent Garden3 Day Timelapse of Vertical Plant Wall Blanc StyleHow to Make a Succulent Wall Garden with a Picture Frame

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