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Here we set up a Flo n’ Gro 12 pot modular flood and drain hydroponics system (manufactured by Titan Controls) on our outdoor terrace. We’re growing Yolo Wonder sweet peppers in Gold Label Hydrocorn and General Hydroponics Flora Series nutrients. Related PostsHow To Set Up Hydroponics Flood and Drain System (Ebb and Flow)Hydroponics DIY: Build A Flood And Drain / Ebb and Flow Hydroponic SystemHome Made Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain system. DIY HydroponicsBuild your own Ebb and Flow / Flood and Drain Hydroponics System DIY Animated VersionHow to Set Up a Basic Flood and Drain (Ebb & Flow) Table for HydroponicsDifferent Types Of Hydroponics (Vertical Growing, Flood And Drain, Aeroponics, Rotary System Etc)

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  • Rick Haynes 1 year ago

    this is that grodan guy pushin rockwool any way he can. rapid rooters clone easier than rockwool. u can squeeze the plug. cant squeeze rockwool, unless u wanna lose valuable air pockets within fibers.?

  • jajajaja jajaja 1 year ago

    you sir are a fucking cornball?

  • what's so funny??! you talk like you're doing something funny while what you really doing is connecting tubes :D?

  • Big Force 1 year ago

    Thank You Sir.

  • Big Force 1 year ago

    pleas send me your cell number?

  • Black Irish (Genetics) 1 year ago

    Hey Everest great video man! Do you think the tubing needs to be zip tied as well or does the piping fit snug??

  • Scott Maher 1 year ago

    How often you water or us the answer in upcoming videos ?

  • simon vedefors 1 year ago

    Hi, I started with hyrdo just a few weeks ago, and still learning from mistakes 🙂
    The easiest system (or so i thaught) I decided to use was the windowfarm/bottle farm, I have 3 pots hanging, with a air-pump pushing water and nutrients up.
    Also, I had a few seeds from last year (cuecumber and basil) only 2 cuecumbers survived. And not one of them is taking over my window day by day.
    I live in northern sweden wich means low temps this time of year.

  • MR GARDEN PROJECTS 1 year ago

    Thank you for making a helpful video. I've subscribed to your channel and I look forward to following you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.?

  • gen ray 1 year ago

    i dont get why planting should be this complicated. it looks cool tho?

  • tandm1234567 1 year ago

    Was wondering what to do if you are planting multiple types of plants. I was planning on planting tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, and peppers in the same system. How do I make sure the nutrients is right. Or do I need to do separate systems for each type of plant.?

  • QuebecOffroading 1 year ago

    the crimpling leaves in the pepper plants are a calcium deficiency?

  • Tucker Bootay 1 year ago

    Can I grow a beard with this system??

  • Bill Tarpley 1 year ago

    which did you like beter this system or the ebb and flow on table ???

  • jafron fronjay 1 year ago

    Just got this system myself.

  • Joe Buzzell 1 year ago

    is the flow control box basically a dutch with a two outlet timer? Nice system dunno if I want to spend the $650 dollars for it at our hydroponics store.?