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  • sweet guy 1 year ago

    Sadly Bullying happens all over elementary school, Middle school high school, workplace etc. They either criticize you of how you look or they start gossiping about you or they give you a dirty look

  • anon4234 1 year ago

    This made my day a lot better.

  • LazuliKnight 1 year ago

    there is one problem with this. The adults often bully by telling lies about you. This is more dangerous than childhood gossip. But as you said we as adult have the ability to have them arrested – even sue them.

  • Davie Crocket 1 year ago

    I have a better idea for you and anyone who is in the above situation.  Who cares why.  Stop wasting your ENERGY on the jerk in question.  Simply hire me as your bully advocate.  I take care of bullies for a fair price.  My work is money back guaranteed of course.  I AM the personal Bully Advocate.  I bully the bullies.  God made me large, and I finally found my calling. lol  BTW, when I was little, I was also bullied.  Now I'm 300lbs.  and those same people have all approached me as adults and apologized.  Not because I'm a scary guy, but because when I came into my own, people started to like me, as they also did.  Funny how things work out.  My anti bullying techniques have never failed yet, and in most cases I cure the bully of his own issues at the same time.   A bully is insecure in his own issues and I show them usually without physically harming them.  Some catch on quicker than others though…

  • fb314 1 year ago

    One thing you said, i didn't agree, but many other things you said caught my interest. Your point of ignoring them. This is much easier said than done, especially if they are in your personal space, and you are angry. I know your video was made over a year ago, but I'd be interested if you explained that tactic further. I'm living an adult neighbor bully situation now and am looking for tips to stop them and stand up to them, and their bs, childish behavior.

  • Philip Carroll 1 year ago

    I think I got bullied today by a lady at the Lab. I am 62 and was somewhat treated like a little kid. She asked if I had fasted for the test and I said yes I didn't eat anything past 10pm( the form says no eating after 10pm the night before). She looked at me and said when was the last you ate??….. again I said sometime before ten I had a snack. She looked angry and said…look I am not trying to confront you I just need to know the time you last ate…..when was your dinner? I said around 6 pm…she said ok and the next time you ate? I thought to myself….mmm….I dunno. But said to her around 8pm…..good she said and wrote down 8pm in the margin. When I went to sit down one of the other customers wagged his finger at me jokingly. Later a lady walked in for the same test……the lady asked her when did you start your fast….the lady just said "around 10pm"…..fine go sit down. LOL

  • Pinworm X 1 year ago

    Thank you for the video. I'm currently being bullied by coworkers and their friends. I was told, "If you live in Long Beach, then go to Denny's in Long Beach.". Not just that, I'm not allowed to to go to any restaurants across the street from my work in Anaheim, because of the bullies. That and a manager ordered me not to.

    If live with a neurological disease and have really bad vertigo. All I wanted to do was rest up before the long drive home. One of these days the vertigo and fatigue is gonna make me crash really bad on the fwy. Rules are rules though. Going back to Long Beach right after work as directed. No fooling around in Anaheim. Explain that logic to the families after the future accident. Explain it to my kids that dad was bullied to death. 

  • Lagg Buster 1 year ago

    Your very brave for tackling this.

  • GhettoCow1 1 year ago

    I was dealing with this when I was 37. The bully was 52 and turned 53 during the time of the bullying. We had been friends for years, then 2 months of bullying with no reason. I think we were able to repair things. I hope and pray we did. I still have to see him every day. Thank you for sharing this video. It helps to know I'm not the only one dealing with this.

  • Cassie M 1 year ago

    Thank you.  I'm a 30 year old woman being bullied.  I can't believe that people are doing this as an adult.  

  • Jennifer Fancher 1 year ago

    I have a neighborhood bully. Their kids pick on my daughter, but if I dare say anything, the parents come over and literally yell and scream at my husband and I and the parents even called my daughter names last night. They say that my daughter is the problem, but I sit outside and watch them pick on her non stop. We have only lived in this city for a year, and I know no one. I stay home to take care of our medically fragile 14 yr old. I am already lonely, and now I am afraid to go outside. I feel like I am in high school. They sit outside and talk about us to all of the other neighbors. I have no clue why they have such hate towards us.

  • slidejones 1 year ago

    Love this video! I met an adult bully earlier this year. His life sucks and tried to blame me for his problems.

  • Diane Alexander 1 year ago

    your so right  bullies have issues

  • Diane Alexander 1 year ago

    sleep deprivation is what im getting

  • Diane Alexander 1 year ago

    you think like me      im a victim of it by a number of people but my landlord and his nephew who he put in flat above me is making my life hell also and since reporting landlord to police his newphew making myhell also with noise    I in tears all the time here

  • Tala Che'daka 1 year ago

    I get bullied because I'm a good nice person. Who knew that was a crime?

  • bianca belton 1 year ago

    I get bullied for being a lower rank, eating other cultures food, and thinking in a different way, it really sucks and they think I'm dumb…truly sucks.

  • MCKENNA BUERGE 1 year ago

    How old is she

  • Ambassador of Corruption 1 year ago

    best pornstar

  • Zmaskua Pride 1 year ago

    mmm I can feel them

  • luis archuleta 1 year ago

    well, we strange as fuck right now.

  • Matthew Wolf 1 year ago

    She's so sexy and tight….great personality. awesome girl all around.

  • Maricela Zamudio 1 year ago

    this dude needs to chill. already asked if she would have sex with him!!? I promise she was only being polite when she said yes. disrespectful af.

  • justin bai 1 year ago

    It's weird not hearing her moaning.

  • Bill Cosby 1 year ago

    I've beat my shit to this chick so many times. Good shit.

  • Tracy Ratelle 1 year ago

    Dillion is such a lovely girl

  • Vladimir Putin 1 year ago

    Her laugh is annoying as fuck

  • Adam Johnson 1 year ago

    best tits in porn

  • Almighty Fonics 1 year ago

    her laugh …

  • DannyTheWaffle's Gaming Channel 1 year ago

    all he wanted to do this entire video was fuck dillion, i dobt blame him, i would as wellg

  • Troy Hubbard 1 year ago

    Why does he always need a straw to drink his redbull

  • Dakota Ellsworth 1 year ago

    This dude was so disrespectful to her.. She's a pornstar, doesn't mean shes any less that a human being than the rest of us. Made it less that 3 minutes into this video because of how weird this dodgy eyed mother fucker was..

  • PointBlank sKILL 1 year ago

    love <3

  • Sue Ellen Davis 1 year ago


  • Mixalis Konstantinidis 1 year ago

    This dude is thirsty as fuck, holy fkn shit

  • Jesus Israel Heredia 1 year ago

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