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  • Justin Smith 1 year ago

    Send me good good seeds

  • Jennifer Charlton-Dennis 1 year ago

    are you using IBA for a cloning solution?

  • poitka80 1 year ago

    THANK YOU!!!

  • madfun510 1 year ago


  • Artexmaxima 1 year ago

    are those pebbles u added to the pot?

  • Bryan Blackmon 1 year ago

    Potheads are intelligent. They grow better plants than your grandma.

  • Happy Birthday 1 year ago

    wow man i watched part 1 – 9 aaall in a row it was like i was there watchin and waitin for those buds to form aaall those months with you. i know the feelin of havin something to live for too everyday hahahah good shit man, it was a good trip.

  • ltkipras 1 year ago

    its good that weed is illegal because people like this are trying to get the best out of it.

  • Ace Spade 1 year ago

    you didnt ph soak the rockwool

  • Ace Spade 1 year ago


  • verOneDoesIt420 1 year ago

    mr green were do you buy your seeds from online or were?? and i whouldd like to know what i whouldd need to start making my own graden??

  • Roatan Honduras 1 year ago

    I Like that your super clean but I've been told not to double dip into the clone bottle. All else very cool video.

  • Bigbilio555 1 year ago

    6:00 – 6:50, dramatic talking xD

  • Truman Cressey 1 year ago

    Knowing my luck, both would be males.

  • InfamousCrimes 1 year ago

    Ha. I never noticed that. I think he got something up his nose.

  • Eli Stoned 1 year ago

    2:10 i think he shit himself

  • ozzy bonilla 1 year ago

    whats are the square cubes???

  • purplehazenils 1 year ago

    Thanks you so much these how to`s are great!!

  • lornajo1 1 year ago

    this guy is loving it