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John from shows you from start to finish how easy it is to grow a patio container edible garden for your apartment or condo if you have a balcony or small outdoor space. In this episode, John helps out his girlfriend to grow more food. John first started her growing indoors in the winter with an super easy aerogarden (see link below) and now she has graduated to the growing level #1, which is outdoor gardening in self-watering containers. If you want to learn the EASIEST way to grow food ever watch this episode, it will share all the tips, tricks and specifically the special self-watering planting containers that are available near you that you should use to grow some food easily. John will talk about how to mix soil on the patio using a tarp, as well as some of the amendments you will want to include in your soil mixture for the highest level of success. You will also discover some of the best fruits and vegetables and herbs you may want to plant in your garden. John will then get his beautiful girlfriend involved with helping to plant the plants and then give her easy instructions on how to take care of her very first outdoor patio apartment self-watering container garden so she can grow her own high quality food and purchase less at the grocery store. Watch the original Aerogarden video at: Aerogarden Update episode: To purchase Worm Gold Plus or other Boogie Brew Products: Welcome back, GYG’ers! Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos like this: Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodTomatoes and Indoor Vegetable Gardens : Easy Ways to Grow Vegetables in an ApartmentContainer Gardening For Beginners — Perennial FruitsGrow a Patio Vegetable Garden with 14 Crops […]

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  • Liberty Lane 8 months ago

    Awesome and very helpful tips thank you so much for posting this!

  • Rory Finazzo 8 months ago

    wheres the best place to get plant starts? i live in socal

  • Myle Le 8 months ago

    John, many apartments or condo complex get issue with HOA from growing plants at the patio.

  • theyahoo you 8 months ago

    his girlfriend looks so young…:-)

  • S Stafford 8 months ago

    Is this a covered patio? Curious if can grow on covered patio..

  • egushlak 8 months ago

    official gardening badass. has strings to pull and favors to call in. total boss

  • Marky Tea 8 months ago

    there's always money in the banana stand…

  • Dennis King 8 months ago


  • Lystra Samuel 8 months ago

    very informative. How much water and how often should i water vegetable in a pot?

  • omg hey there 8 months ago

    I am moving into an apartment with a patio just like this!!!

  • omg hey there 8 months ago

    Awwww you guys are so cute!!

  • Jaime V 8 months ago

    update on this?

  • Sandra Hinde 8 months ago

    where can we purchase one of the patio garden kits at?

  • Sabrina Morissette 8 months ago

    The information is great but the rambling makes this so hard to watch. The video was nearly 10 minutes in before any useful information was imparted.

  • alzathoth 8 months ago

    hey john. do you have any ideas on how to get larger animals like deer away from your garden? I also have a mole problem too. they ate all my tubers last year! :(

  • EyesofNova 8 months ago

    oh my god, when he said "Or Herb if you know what I'm saying" I lost it. This guy cracks me up.

  • Thank you. Is there an alternative to hand mixing all that soil? Can I just buy something in particular?

  • meezergurl 8 months ago

    You guys make such a sweet couple and I love the way she looks at you. <3

  • B. Hudgens 8 months ago

    Check out the Natural Gardener. its a sweet spot for all your supplies