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The LiveWall system was developed in response to a need for living walls that are simple to operate, highly effective, long lived, and affordable. Our vision is to be the best value system of the industry, to be reliable and to be accessible to most everyone. How does it work? It’s simple: First, we start with vertical furring strips which mount to the building wall and allow for air space behind the system, which is important in preventing mold and mildew. Then, we install horizontal anodized aluminum rails which are hollow conduits for water, which is pumped through the system to a series of nozzles. On outdoor systems, the rails have spray nozzles positioned above each planter which water the system like rain. LiveWall Indoor systems have drip stake assemblies which inject water directly into the soil. Next, we drop into place UV-resistant, high impact, architectural-quality, molded planter boxes. On outdoor systems, these wall-planters drain out of the bottom, whereas the indoor system has a rear drain system which allows the soil to drain freely and exit via a single outlet. Finally, we developed a separate liner that can be preplanted and grown to maturity off site, so your plants are full and lush on the day of installation. You can grow a very broad variety of plants, from brightly colored annuals to hardy perennials to herbs and vegetables and much, much more. And, our indoor system is specially designed for tropical plants – providing them with a drip-free environment and room to grow. LiveWall is designed to provide the critical elements that plants need to survive, and it’s proven to work. When we developed LiveWall, we sought to be the industry standard for reliability, high function and ultra-low maintenance. And, our structure is backed by a 15 year warranty. […]

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