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Reporter Aaron Elstein of Crain’s New York Business made 6 separate trips to Trump Tower in hopes of visiting its two public gardens. BuzzFeed decided to give it a try. Based off Aaron Elstein’s post/Mandatory post: GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today! MUSIC “Strange Suburbia” “Happy and Funny Clarinet Swing” Warner Chappell Production Music Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodMyriad Gardens: Gardening School, Walking Tour and Spring Break eventsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyMinecraft School – THE SECRET SCHOOL GARDENS w/ Little KellyTrump’s Solar Powered “Green” Wall Pitched To GOP LeadersJudge Joe Brown On ‘Pizza,’ Fake News, Trump’s Black Agenda, Dylan Roof, Polygamy, & Juvenile Court”

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  • Grace Marsh 11 months ago

    Not easy anymore.

  • melqui rivera 11 months ago

    really so u think they dont have a central security that sees a black girl with a huge bushy dragqueen orange hair wondering around asking all security members questions really !!!!!! i have really ben to the top gardens on trump tower wich u can see throu a helicopter cause only residents have access by the elevators from underground were only recidents have access too and not even personal does thers two pools an open bar and a mini golf patio on it Next!!!!!!! try hilarys house by the way u might end up raped by the asslord herselfe

  • Achlucide 11 months ago

    21 tables, my favorite band

  • Lauren Poland 11 months ago

    Trump is obviously compensating for something by having these giant tall buildings.

  • Donald J. Trump 11 months ago

    it literally says PUBLIC garden

  • Harry Cole 11 months ago

    So… what are you trying to prove with this?

  • TheRoyalHam 11 months ago

    So a black person can wear a black power necklace, but a white person does it and they get jumped for being racist? Such a fucked up thing racism.

  • Bella Theus 11 months ago

    it's a public place so you aren't breaking in lmao

  • Swiggy TV 11 months ago

    Donald trump himself owns hundreds of business that brach off to hundreds more. I doubt has has say or cares about one little garden at his tower lmao

  • the gt triplets 11 months ago

    the girl looks like jenn

  • Lara Behrendt 11 months ago

    "Clearly we are not the only ones that got in" yes it's a public place u bimbo

  • Christian Merano 11 months ago

    I thought trump's garden would have walls

  • Evan Coffey 11 months ago

    you have a black power fist? pretty racist seeing as white power is racist and race doesn't matter to you people

  • Darragh Long 11 months ago

    I am completely against Donald Trump but damn Buzzfeed you got to lay off.

  • Harrison Barnes 11 months ago

    Wtf I went there this summer you just walk in wtf

  • Scout smith 11 months ago

    Left wing trash

  • Dakota Bird (Birdboy64) 11 months ago

    I just went to Trump Tower a few weeks ago and went to both of those. It's no secret or anything, you literally just walk in -.-

  • spook145spook 11 months ago

    Why are you breaking into his private property?

  • ReneFloresVlogs 11 months ago

    What's the name of the white girl in the video?