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Meitheal is the Irish word for Gathering – but usually it refers to a work party. This time the meitheal was at our place and we planted trees. It was muddy and a lot of fun and many trees were planted, mulched and fenced. We expect to be enjoying them for many years to come. Ok, here are some important website links. Please check them out.. Here’s Tim’s amazing guitar machine.. here’s our online store where you can see some of the craft things we make and sell.. and here’s our Patreon page where you can see more of our plans and dreams.. Thanks! Copyright WayOutWest. All rights reserved. Please share if you like, but don’t copy or use without permission. Just get in touch via email blowinblog @ Don’t steal our stuff! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPrairie Green RoofOptigrGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Shipping container house – Green roofFour Seasons Boston – Tree Trivia On The Green Roof Of Our Boston HotelHow To Grow An Apple Tree From Seeds – Growing Apples Fruits – Planting Dwarf Fruit Trees – Jazevox

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  • Gijs van der Waal 4 months ago

    are you going to make a video about, how to grow fuel for your tractor

  • Paddy Abroad 4 months ago

    It's great that you have such a willing bunch of helpers.Are you anywhere near Coomhola? We just spent a few days there and loved it.

  • Frank B 4 months ago

    Just planted 2 Cherry trees

  • Boarpan 4 months ago

    5000 spruce trees here in sweden

  • Genadijus Puskinas 4 months ago

    Always wanted to know that spiky grass/weeds at 2:43 if goats would eat it? Because everybody know goats might eat strangest things, so thought what about those weeds? thanks

  • patrick bellew 4 months ago

    was wondering how the poplar would do close to the sea. I'm in kilmore quay ,wexford.

  • stubbenmonkey 4 months ago

    not planting any trees but putting up.lots of fencing.

  • Buster Brown 4 months ago

    My wife's family owns a castle there.

  • Michael Plesch 4 months ago


  • Zooboo Blotsky 4 months ago

    Would Black Walnut trees be good in your climate? When I was a boy in the 1950s, the transplanted Irish dairy farmers in NY state would grow them so that when they were ready to retire from farming and handoff to their children they would sell those trees to the local mill as their retirement nestegg. Also while I am asking questions ( new to your site) you said you grew turnips to feed the horses. Those turnips are delicious and seem to be wasted on those beasts of burden. Do you not eat turnips? Do you also eat tripe?

  • Paul Whyte 4 months ago

    When is a good time to plant poplar trees and where can the slips be sourced. I am in east cork and have been planning to fence my place the same way you have ( without the meitheil unfortunately! ) and also wanted a scattering of trees inside the fence line?
    Great video as always, relaxing even when ye are trudging through the muck!

  • BareFoot BackYard 4 months ago

    What a wonderful community you have! Such a great video I really enjoyed it.

  • BareFoot BackYard 4 months ago

    Your videos are so wonderful. Thank you very much for all your hard work. Shari London Ont.

  • R HEIDEMAN 4 months ago

    wow that is some fertile soil. I'm hoping to plant some fruit trees and nut trees this year. great vid.

  • PartyCommander 4 months ago

    Do you still have chickens? Would love to see a video on them!

  • mrsgbee 4 months ago

    Do you have ditches to help with draining the water from the land?

  • Ruby Gray 4 months ago

    It's just all fun, fun, fun for you two isn't it?

    I saw you do this before, but still can't believe you do it … stapling the wire mesh to the corner post, then CUTTING IT OFF!!
    The proper way is this ~ take the mesh right around the post, strain it to itself, drive staples halfway in so they keep the horizontal wires at the correct height on the post but the wires can still move, then cut each wire separately (leaving a LONG end) and tie the free end off tightly around itself, so the whole thing wraps right around the strainer post. Anything else is just pretending!

  • carbone naili 4 months ago

    i was working in sahara so i dont have time to see what are you doing
    i really miss all of your videos i will watch them all of them in this few days
    sorry my languge is not good
    thank you for sharing as this experiences

  • Emily Justice 4 months ago

    What a wonderful community you have there!