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Healthways unveils its 2015 state of American well-being community rankings, which city finished first? Related PostsHEALTHY CITIES, HAPPY CITIESHealthy Cities, Healthy Towns: An Atlantic ForumChris Beardshaw’s Healthy Cities Garden for Morgan Stanley – 2015 Chelsea Flower ShowWelcome to Healthy Cities, Healthy Towns: An Atlantic ForumAndrew L. Dannenberg – Healthy citiesUtzon Lecture Series: Healthy Built Environments = Healthy Cities


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  • Simon Börjesson 10 months ago


  • Brian Al 10 months ago

    It's interesting what companies and countries will the US oil companies or their partners make first mid-long term US crude export contracts with.

  • Dindu Nuffins 10 months ago

    healthy cities are systemically racist.

  • RunHao 10 months ago

    Dumbest city next please

  • Paul Brosco 10 months ago

    define healthy. I think our country's illegal spraying programs have more than precluded any place from actually being so…perhaps ever again. this is mis-leading and frankly just a wee bit retarded. the propaganda machine at its best.

  • Question MK-Question 10 months ago

    It becomes extremely baffling when you realize that

    Your City ranked #1 or 2 Then you looked yourself, and see only terrible hardships, smh..

  • Keriks 10 months ago

    Now let's do cities world wide

  • Blake Sherman 10 months ago

    how about ted turner kids , jame.fonda help THE poor . sell some montana land #thanks #TedTurner

  • Brandon Fisher 10 months ago

    Who got a tinder?

  • Treydog3 10 months ago

    Number 1

  • Blake Sherman 10 months ago

    dont care