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Gunay Evinch (wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts), President Elect of Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) and “the lawyer of the Turkish Embassy” singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” in front of the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC on July 20, 2008, when Gunay Evinch led the Turkish Embassy in provoking the peaceful Cypriot American Hands Off Cyprus 2008 demonstration,held near the Turkish Embassy in the US to mark the Turkish government’s 34 years of criminal military-invasion and illegal military-occupation of Cyprus . This is ATAA President Elect Gunay Evinch (wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts), Turkey’s head lobbyist, expressing himself when faced with Turkey’s human rights violations. Support Video Rating: / 5 What’s it like to have your organic farm inspected? This video takes the mystery out of the organic inspection process, following a organic verification officer as he tours BC’s Stepney Hills Farm and explains what an organic inspector looks for, and what farmers can do to prepare for their inspection. Learn about the four key aspects of the inspection process: interviewing, observing, producing, and “what you do with it”. You’ll find out how inspection officers put these four aspects together to build a complete picture of an organic farm. The organic inspection process ensures that every certified organic farm meets Canada’s organic standards. It’s your guarantee that the certified organic products you buy are the healthiest, most sustainably farmed food available. And delicious! Related PostsOhio Dairy Associations Partner with Buckeye Dairy Club at Farm Science ReviewOhio Dairy Associations Partner with Buckeye Dairy Club at Farm Science ReviewWESTERN FARM WORKERS ASSOCIATIONS 26 TH ANNIVERSARY DINNER 2009Local Flowers, Local Farmers: A Growing American MovementAmerican Farmer Movie – 1953, Blazey Family | Ford Motor CompanyAmerican Brahman Breeders Association Promotional Video

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  • Cakan Yildirim 5 months ago

    Great video! I am afraid to inform my Greek friends that Gunay's parents were children of refugees from Greece. We do not breed these ducklings in mainland Turkey. Cheers.