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6ftX8ft hydroponic greenhouse. You can grow a lot of produce inside a small greenhouse like this using hydroponics. Clips & pics from this summer. DWC -Deep Water culture- 5 gallon buckets. Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesKratky Method-DWC-Compost Tea Hydroponics #5 Hydroponic TomatoesGrowing Tomatoes and Chilli Plants in A Simple Hydroponics – Hydroponic Wick SystemGrowing A Vegetable Garden In Ontario, Canada 2014Growing Tomatoes In Greenhouses – Hanging Basket TomatoesVivigrow Hydroponic Planter – Growing Tomatoes

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  • Enrique Goitia 8 months ago

    hey afg, I have a single rack greenhouse with clear plastic cover and last summer I cooked my plants one day, it reaches 50c, but how and what is the use of it then if its too hot

  • South Georgia Hydroponics 8 months ago

    Hey Brother.  New Sub from Savannah GA.  Growing outdoor hydroponic tomatoes down here.  Enjoying your videos.

  • LearningDaily 8 months ago

    wow tomatoes in Mellon sizes lol. nice video thanks

  • Patrick Meehan 8 months ago

    Thats a lot of Tomatoes in such a small greehouse . Great Video I enjoyed it.I have subscribed to your channel and I liked what I saw. I invite you to visit my garden videos .If you like what you see please subscribe. Best Wishes, Patrick

  • Abdul Tuwaijri 8 months ago

    Buddy: I like to know the nutrient that you are using and how much to use?

  • Miguel correa ortiz 8 months ago

    I'll start with tomatoes and lettuce and broccoli then

  • Miguel correa ortiz 8 months ago

    want if you can tell me that food use will not get started and to buy saw something maxigro wonder why.

  • Miguel correa ortiz 8 months ago

    well I'll start .pregunta happened to matte dried tomatoes
    acuerdate I was ugly I am beginner'm from PR

  • mediamaker2000 8 months ago

    You're right, that is a lot of tomatoes etc in a 6×8 foot greenhouse! Well done Larry! Beautiful tomatoes!

  • Rob Bob's Backyard Farming 8 months ago

    Some great looking fruit there Larry.. Good to see you got a decent harvest before the pest moved in mate.. 
    Cheers mate.. 

  • luis villalta 8 months ago

    I see a lotta tomatoes  and congrats is such a production, but i was hoping to see how u did it? u know, all u see here is tomatoes, ,GB!!

  • Brock Hughes 8 months ago

    Eh Larry 🙂 you are very welcome bro 🙂  Wow that Davidson was a nice looking tomato eh? Excellent video Larry start to finish!

  • Brock Hughes 8 months ago

    Eh Larry 🙂 you are very welcome and I'm happy you had such great success bro. Wow those Davidson's are an amazing looking tomato! how did it all taste 🙂 excellent video bro 🙂 Thumbs up! :)

  • Ed Smith 8 months ago

    A very nice crop of tomatoes. Do you save seeds?
    Thank you for the video.

  • FesterWerks 8 months ago

    Everything looks great!  I probably averaged a little over 1k PPM, but I'd start the morning with about 1500 and when I got home from work I'd be down to ~750.  That's 80 plants though.  Great work, Larry!

  • Garden4Flavor 8 months ago

    Where did u get your 6×8 greenhouse? Was it big enuf for you? Have u tried growing tomatoes in a closed Kratky system or do you use only DWC? Have u ever tried growing tomatoes year round? I'm in SoCalif and love cherry tomatoes thot I'd try year round in maybe a greenhouse perhaps like yours. What are your thots?

  • 122yolo34566 8 months ago

    Can you plant rasberries in october and do they need to be brouht inside at night or can they deal with the cold weather…?

  • Mike Masztal 8 months ago

    NIce 'maters!  Question.  When you say you are running your ppm at 1000, is that referring only to your total nutes or are you meaning tds of everything?

  • C3 Voyage 8 months ago

    I'll second Brock's 1000 ppm.  I ran mine at 950-1000 the whole season and everything did well at that ppm.  Of course, to be fair, I didn't go above that but a couple times briefly.  How can I get some Davidson tomato seed?  Is it on the market?  I know you love your gh.  I sure do!  Take care buddy.  Brent