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  • Skrilla Manilla 1 year ago

    great idea! definitely going to use your method. i freaked out people around me when i broke out laughing when you spit out the taste tester… too freakin funny!

  • drumcrazy72 1 year ago

    Thanks for the video Greg. Thanks for tasting it on camera too, lol 🙂 One Man, one tiller, and some dirt. That's all you need buddy. Great job. And don't take this the wrong way, but your melons look great 🙂 Qld, Australia.

  • Akil Taylor 1 year ago

    ha!!! it wasn't ready

  • Thomas Mathis Jr 1 year ago

    IT WASN'T READY!!! Lmao! To funny. Great video!

  • adirtyrat 1 year ago

    i've grown for yrs with mixed results but not good on ground…thinking of making something like i have for grapes….an 90 degree fence type configuration where i can put mellons on the top side….good luck to you

  • u888dirt 1 year ago

    Sorry that my voice fades in and out…