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Learn how to grow broccoli, a tasty, cool season crop. Watch More Videos: Read Blogs: Related PostsGrowing Broccoli – Vegetable GardeningGrowing Broccoli & Cabbage Vertically 2Kids in the Garden – Broccoli Harvest!Water Culture Beds: Broccoli HarvestHydroponic gardening update how to tie off broccoli and cauliflowerTower Garden Growth happy rich broccoli

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  • TheNephilim1337 1 year ago

    Releasing parasitic wasps near the garden? Are you crazy?

  • Nova Heyoka 1 year ago

    I just learned so much about broccoli while eating my broccoli.

  • Forrest 1 year ago

    Is this the same way to grow marijuana?

  • Kappucino Kiss 1 year ago

    my brocolli is really leggy is that normal? it's about 3 inches long and really long how far do I plant them up to the leaves?

  • Reddylion 1 year ago


  • papa Tutti 1 year ago

    I grow broccoli every winter. Grows just fine here in the Northern Center Valley of California. Just two weeks ago, we have a frost alert. All my winter crops were white with frost. Not to fear, I never cover my plants. Every one of my winter crop are doing fine. About ready to harvest the broccoli and cabbage.

  • Elizabeth Wu 1 year ago

    kale is Broccoli leaves? :)

  • Herbert Wallace III 1 year ago

    Hi, I'm new to gardening, I am looking to plant some broccoli in my new flower bed this September. I wanted to know which type of soil should I go out and buy for broccoli (best brand) or not just for broccoli, all types of vegetables, I plan on planting all types of vegetables and fruit year round.

  • Tomika Camper 1 year ago

    I have my broccoli in a pot, pretty tall and deep. No head yet planted in May but my leaves are a wonderful green

  • henz dayes 1 year ago

    thank are the best

  • itsnotthesamething 1 year ago

    I grew broccoli for the first time in years this year. My in laws have never tasted homegrown broccoli before now. They were blown away! I'll have to do it in containers next time, as I only have one raised bed garden.

  • chloena1 1 year ago

    I planted my broccoli seedlings in May and I still have no heads on my broccolis, they're just getting really tall! Any idea why?

  • Eileen LeValley 1 year ago

    That looks great. I always wondered what they did many years ago before all those chemical bug killers were around. I get confused on all those products and identifying what's wrong on the veggies. I'm new at gardening. I just plant stuff and hope for the best. Thanks for posting, very helpful.

  • Pople BackyardFarm 1 year ago

    We have yet to grow broccoli but I would love to put it in my garden 🙂