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This video shows you step by step, how to assemble a Grow Maxx 35 Aero unit. Aeroponics is the BEST way to produce healthy heavy plants! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAeroponic Plant Growing Bucket System, The Maxx Power PRO 12Hydroponics Europe: Nutriculture Amazon Aeroponic System AssemblyHydroponics Europe: Assembly Aeroponic System AeroFlo GHE“Aero/Aqua Vertical Grow” Serie , Urban Gardening , Aeroponic System , aeroponische Systeme“Aero Grow Kit L” , Urban Gardening , Aeroponic System , aeroponische Systeme,How to grow up you own weed! Aeroponic system

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  • Johnny M 1 year ago

    Do you still sell these? It looks great.

  • Grow Maxx 1 year ago

    Was in Sheboygan. Now in Iron Mountain, MI :)

  • persefoni fokas 1 year ago

    Great Video. I see it was made in 2010. Any changes to this system since 2010 ? Also what is the total final footprint of this unit. Thanks and keep on with the great Videos.

  • Grow Maxx 1 year ago

    Hi! This is Dave From Grow Maxx. When Hyd. Peroxide is used the final taste is not usually affected unless you use too much. We do NOT reccommend using Peroxide in our systems. The plants in our systems do awesome with just plain water and Dutch Master. We have new phone numbers at Grow Maxx due to a re-location. Feel free to call us any time to discuss the aeroponics advantage. Size, Weight, Healthy Plants & easy use are just the start! I stand behind our claims.
    Thanks, Dave. GM 920-783-6113

  • TheSkinzilla 1 year ago

    I read that in aeroponics you must use hydrogen peroxide to prevent bacterial/fungal contamination. Does the peroxide affect taste of the finished product?