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US KATRINA REBUILDING SOURCE: AP TELEVISION RESTRICTIONS: HORIZONS CLIENTS ONLY LENGTH: 3:23 New Orleans, Louisiana US – April 25, 2008 1. Wide shot steps with no house 2. Close shot Jesus figure in front of house 3. Medium shot of sign on house 4. Pan left of levee in front of Global Green USA’s Holy Cross redevelopment project 5. Wide shot Global Green USA’s Holy Cross redevelopment project 6. Wide shot Glenn Copeland, New Orleans resident, fishing for catfish 7. SOUNDBITE (English) Glenn Copeland, New Orleans resident “It’s good, it’s energy efficient, you know you’re going to save on electricity, you’re going to live comfortable, I think that’s a good idea. I think there should be more of those, but I mean, it’s just a crawl, you know it’s a snail’s pace.” 8. Medium shot of a sign beside house 9. Medium shot of Global Green sign on desk 10. Wide shot of John Moore talking with a colleague 11. SOUNDBITE (English) John Moore, Program Associate for Global Green USA: “You know one of the major underlying principles of this project is to sort of draw a line in the sand against global warming and to say exactly where we will not give up. So the Lower Ninth Ward and Holy Cross in particular has kind of become a place where we’ve decided to say that you know no, we will not allow these community members to become victims of environmental hazards and essentially to become environmental refugees.” 12. Close shot of ceiling lamp made of untreated plywood with energy-efficient bulb 13.Tilt up in bedroom, designed for maximum natural lighting 14. Close shot of the ground source heat pump 15. Wide shot of Michael Lopez presenting ‘green’ roof 16. SOUNDBITE (English) Michael Lopez, Green Building Program Associate for Global Green […]


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