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Gardening through winter with no heat is awesome! The Geo-air tunnel has surpassed my best hopes for an affordable, easy to build greenhouse that doesn’t require additional heat to grow food during winter. Of course using the Mittleider gardening method to grow food has helped immensely. Come see what has been growing, in Winter, in Idaho. RESOURCES: – Mittleider Facebook Group: – Mittleider Gardening Course Book: – Natural Mineral Fertilizers: – Mittleider Gardening Library: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical Geothermal Earth Tube (Part 1) – Greenhouse Heating/CoolingVertical Geothermal Earth Tube (Part 2) – Greenhouse Heating/CoolingVertical Geothermal Earth Tube in New GreenhouseBlueberries, Cravo Demonstration and Education Center, April 26, 2015Geothermal Aeroponic Horizontal Garden – Do it yourself build to grow your own food.Cornwall Kid: The UK’s Largest Charity Garden Opening Tregothnan House Gardens. 23rd April 2017.

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  • Luke Confidential 1 year ago

    It would have been nice if the RESOURCES list would have included a link to a video explanaining how a Geo-Air Tunnel works [one of your own videos explaining it if you had one, something else if not.]?

  • Z71Ranger 1 year ago

    Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean is a Heirloom… Just so you know… Kentucky Wonder
    65 Days – Although this variety is now almost exclusively known as 'Kentucky Wonder', it is a very old heirloom that has been known by many other synonyms over the decades.

  • Robert Madden 1 year ago

    Thank you for the effort and sharing. Can't wait till you release this data. Thanks again my friend?

  • timy912 1 year ago

    Your garden is great. Very impressive overall. As a side note I noticed in your video that you may have used treated lumber. We would never use that in a garden bed depending upon the treatment chemical. I would suggest cedar or concrete planters.?

  • proudpak 1 year ago

    What do you use to increase blossom? Besides using mittleider weekly plant fertilizer.?

  • BackyardPhenomena 1 year ago

    Where are the BEES!??!?!?

  • Chuck Wingenbach 1 year ago

    Would love to know more about Geo Thermal Greenhouse. How did you learn how to do this.?

  • Jewel Ciappio 1 year ago

    I loved your bee videos… Are you keeping any at the new place, or using some other pollinators??

  • Naomi Verdugo 1 year ago

    This has to be the most beautiful well tended garden I have ever seen! I have always wanted to start a garden but my attempts failed. I believe I have found …with your videos…instruction I can follow to be successful! Thank You so much! GBY! :)?

  • Vic Smith 1 year ago

    I just love watching your videos! Congrats and looking forward to more! : )?

  • Htweelr 1 year ago

    I love the design of the greenhouse, it seems to work well for you. Ive been looking at several designs, This is definitely something I'd like to build.
    In my garden I made my raised beds from redwood and cedar decking which comes in a "1 1/2 X "5 1/2 X '8 board. My first beds were even made from pine which have weathered just fine though typically you'll only get 5 to 10 years out of pine. Those are great alternatives to using chemically treated lumber. While the new process does use about 60% copper there are still other undesirable chemicals that do leach. It's advertised as a "safer" alternative to traditional CCA lumber, but there are still risks which should be mitigated like lining the beds with plastic sheeting and not planting right against the wood.
    Overall, it's a great project, thanks for sharing!?

  • Evolve432 1 year ago

    wow nice growth?

  • hurdman 1 year ago

    Going to harvest a bunch of beet leaves for dinner tomorrow. Can't wait to see the citrus/tree greenhouse. AWESOME!?

  • mucnagow2 1 year ago

    How do your other plants get pollinated inside the greenhouse??

  • mucnagow2 1 year ago

    So, you are pollinating by hand??

  • John Elinor 1 year ago

    Will a geothermal greenhouse work anywhere? I live in West Tennessee and have looked at a geothermal map and it suggests there is none in our area. Is going down 8ft. sufficient for my area? I want to start building soon but don't want my efforts to be wasted. Thanks David. I enjoy all your videos and appreciate the time uou spend on helping us all out. ?

  • Jonathan Jesperson 1 year ago

    Can you tell me more about the mechanics of the "geothermal" part of the greenhouse? Is this the same as subterranean cooling and heating greenhouses you also find on YouTube. I'll be building one in the next year and am looking for testimonials on performance before I commit the resources to it. ?

  • Colleen Wood 1 year ago

    I can't wait to get started too, hopefully this summer?

  • peaches36067 1 year ago

    Always learn something from your videos, thank you! Good luck with the newspaper article. ?