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Garden Tower Rob from installs the AquaJet in the new Garden Tower 2 and inverts it. He then prepares the new soil medium from Wondersoil. Watch how the soil hydrates and expands to become some of the best growing medium around. He uses the Expand and Plant along with their bag of special MM mix. Rob then builds the Garden Tower 2 up one level at a time while adding the soil to the Tower Garden 2. These are 3 great products that come together to make one of the best growing containers in the world. You get the benefit of all 3 products; AquaJet = Aeration, Water Conservation, Nutrient delivery, The Garden Tower 2 = best vertical growing container & Wondersoil .For more information on the products just follow the links below. Related PostsGarden Tower Project – Part 1. – shortGarden Tower Project – Part 2. – longThe Vertical, Composting 50 Plant Patio Farm by Garden Tower ProjectHOT Telecom-EMC case studyGarden Tower Project – Part 1. – long“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic Gardening

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  • Ritta Slusher 9 months ago

    can not follow because of the wind one of the worst video I have ever seen

  • oldshield 9 months ago

    you think about re-doing this video or have a follow up on this product?

  • Joan Burr Salzman 9 months ago

    You need a wind guard or muff for mic or your back to the wind. Maybe captions.

  • Erin Rocha 9 months ago

    you get my llike because of how windy it was.

  • Z71Ranger 9 months ago

    TO much wind noise I only watched 2 minutes of your video… I could not take the noise…

  • J. Verheulst 9 months ago

    Is it possible to connect a feeder cannister to the different AuquaJet versions? So you can fill it with Boogie Brew f.e. to xtra feed or innoculate your plants.

  • J. Verheulst 9 months ago

    I'm gonna use my old kitchen shredder to pre-shred my compostable material before chucking it into that cantral worm bin cillinder. So the worms can break it down even faster. Preferably a pre-shredded mix from my nettles- and comphrey fermentation and 'spicemilled' (super heated – 300 degrees)powdered eggsshelles.

  • Paul Lyons 9 months ago

    the whole system looks great