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Fire Department takes over with a real fire hose. This part is available in 3/4″ size. We offer a full selection of PVC Fittings, Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Insert Fittings, Flanges, Ball Valves, Pipe Nipples, Unions and more. FREE SHIPPING and easy online ordering. Call 877-777-8421 for customer service. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSchedule 40 PVC, Male Garden Hose x 1″ Insert2015 Diesel garden tractor pulling Mutual fire dept. part 2.1970’s & 1980’s Spring Garden Township Fire Dept Part 2Dept. of Media StudiesWise Ave. Fire Dept. Christmas Train Garden Pt.2Learning to use the hose

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  • Viccy Quadrilio 11 months ago

    The amount of intensity they used was great. Seems in a lot of videos, these firefighters have done it so many times, it loses it appeal. Maybe these guys were still new? Great vid.

  • Phil 55 11 months ago

    Been out of fire service for 15 years. Maybe that's the way things are done nowadays.

  • Phil 55 11 months ago

    Whatever happened to booster lines and jump lines? Sure wrestling around a lot of hose for a car fire!

  • R Leslie 11 months ago

    Who pulls 200ft. of crosslay for a car fire?

  • Khun Frango 11 months ago

    Why not use the 1" high pressure hose reel much quicker on the job and of course get up wind. Seemed very casual to me after my 30 years of rural fire fighting.

  • Christopher Young 11 months ago

    Might have stood upwind. Air packs are a good idea, in any case. Upwind, you can better see what you are doing.