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Van fire Robby lane Manhasset hills 10-3-14 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGarden City Park Fire Department 100th Anniversary Parade and CarnivalGarden city pk fire dept2016 Garden City Fire Dept Open House12.16.15 Train Garden at Ellicott City Fire Dept. Household performing an acoustic version of “Reservoir” at a house show in Ellicot City, MD 5/30/152015 Diesel garden tractor pulling Mutual fire dept. part 2.Western Shore Fire Dept. Garden Party

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  • Leandro Goddio 1 year ago

    That's bad… really bad.

    Sell one SCBA and buy a book called "Firefighting basics 1".?

  • R Leslie 1 year ago

    Garden City needs to get a foam eductor for their TeleSqurt engine.?

  • lieutenant22 1 year ago

    Are these people trained ??

  • anafffe71 1 year ago

    one of my worst driving jobs . . . EVER?

  • MrKillemall1983 1 year ago

    I just watched that diesel destroy a rear end?

  • ZippoVarga 1 year ago

    Now, the way I see it (as a totally impartial Simplicity and Allis Chalmers guy you understand), is that you plugged that AC in with mechanical problems at the end to jab at us guys. lol BUT…It's all good!! We know that the Guys in Cubs and Deeres fear us. lmao

  • Paul Bull 1 year ago

    That's cool I love those garden tractors I have a wheel horse all stock 14 horse kohler

  • anafffe71 1 year ago

    Thanks for recoding the entire pro stock class