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When trimming cherry trees, the first step is to examine your tree to ensure that the graft does not have any growth or suckers coming out of it. Avoid any hassles when trimming your cherry tree using the guidance from an expert gardener in this free video on fruit trees. Expert: Jene Van Butsel Contact: Bio: Jene Van Butsel is an expert gardener specializing in growing plants and tropical fruit trees since 1987. Filmmaker: Leonora Fishbein Series Description: Growing and caring for your own fruit trees is a great way to save money and have a beautiful garden. Start growing your favorite fruit tree with help from an expert gardener in this free video series on fruit trees. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Grow An Apple Tree From Seeds – Growing Apples Fruits – Planting Dwarf Fruit Trees – JazevoxArizona Garden Tour – Over 200 Fruit Trees on 1/3 Acre – Spring 2016Growing herbs, fruit trees and benefits of a green roofHydroponic fruit trees for an urban walkway — grow for shade and transplantingFront Yard Self Watering Vegetable Garden & Fruit TreesThe Best Fruit Trees for Backyard Gardens




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  • Jason thebest 11 months ago

    nice video

  • Valerie J 11 months ago

    I'm confused. You speak of lateral and horizontal growth. As far as I know, lateral is horizontal (definition: Situated at or extending to the side). Isn't the top 'apical' or even vertical growth? That's what I thought. My blog: Gardener's Word

  • metamech 11 months ago

    I didn't think it could get cold enough in Florida to need a sweater.

  • averagemale2000 11 months ago

    aweful video, this lady sucks… in a bad way…

  • plantsinspace 11 months ago

    chop it down to about knee height and train it open vase. a lot has changed on cherry tree pruning and planting.

  • queeny107 11 months ago

    what month should you prune the cherry tree am in UK of Oct