Added by on 2017-03-18 Would you like to buy an outdoor gazebo but you have problems with installing heights? Do you live in an area with height limits for outdoor canopies and garden structures? You are in the right place! We produce flat roof gazebos allowing to reduce dimensions and spaces! MORE INFO – Glulam wooden structure (EC Certification) – Suitable to create a covered area or a garage – Designed to bear a snow load equal to 150 (kg/square meter) and a kinetic force equal to 80 (kg/square meter) -It does not exceed the border height limits and it can be adjusted to different heights thanks to the adjustable feet -12×12 glulam wooden pillars -12×20 glulam wooden platforms -8×16 and 8×12 glulam wooden beams -Customized 22-mm fir profiled timbers -Possibility to choose between 2 colors of outdoor water-based paint -Adhesive bituminous sheath and covering Canadian tile -Galvanized steel bases with spigot or with adjustable height -Standard screws and hardware Related Postsplant adaptation, flower arrangement and vegetable container gardening on flat roofWaterproofing a Flat Roof with Firestone EPDM Rubber Roof MembraneThermal rehabilitation and construction of a new flat and green roofHow does efficient flat roof insulation work? Concepts from a construction site with NeoporCold flat roof construction ExplainedBauder Flat Roofs

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  • jaime del salto 7 months ago

    what kind of wood used and where buy it

  • Chuck Dinsmore 7 months ago

    nice work. I would have liked to have seen a top view how you screwed the beam to the post around the 1:33 mark.

  • tuyetMai Chau 7 months ago

    Video for build flat foot Gazebo

  • Michelle Solanki 7 months ago

    This idea is simply great, thanks! Bt the way, head over to Woody Hyezmars site, you can google his name, he’s giving away his woodworking book, I think still…

  • OmazingE30 7 months ago

    awesome work… whats the name of the song.. i like it!