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LINK FOR OUR KICKSTARTER BELOW Please Email Us With Questions @ For Ordering Information Before the Kickstarter ends please call 920-229-1583 Final Kickstarter Update. Its been a great run! We have upgraded the growing system & the 2.0 Version of Art Garden has a high pressure aeroponic pump that runs at .5 – 2amps vs the previous pump running at nearly 7 amps. Also this “made in the U.S.A pump has a life well over 30,000 hours and puts out some serious psi of 200-250 psi. This tiny pump packs a punch and saves you money with the option to run one system on 100% solar power. After discovering this we were extremely happy! The pump in conjunction with high psi tubing, high psi filters & improved mist heads create a extremely small water droplet size and we have achieved the optimal 40 micron for aeroponics. This makes the nutrients and water not saturate the root zone as much as the previous system & the water droplets look and act like a near fog. These most incredible results came after we developed the irrigation system for the 2.0 model. Also we have gained ground in several other areas with the system such as, quick connect removable fittings, Inline reusable/cleanable filters, improved flow-rate of mist nozzles 1/4-1/2-1 gal per hour per system, and last but not lease a removable thermal jacket to increase insulation more and tie up any loose ends keeping the system looking clean and professional. With all of these advancements achived we feel our product has broken ground in the aeroponic world. We are hoping for the best with our kickstarter page & it would allow us to configure our shipping/logistics much better. We plan to ship bulk systems ourselves and we need money for overhead […]

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  • Lapfung Leung 1 year ago

    Great video! I got another question on the tower. What is the function and material of the the silver cover on the tower? Thank you!

  • William “Liam” Baker 1 year ago

    Hello, I was looking for the e-book you were going to publish, but couldn't find anything. I am interested in what spray nozzles you were using that produce 40 microns? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • David Setness 1 year ago

    Do you have these available for sale?  In Northern MN and looking to set up an all year greenhouse.

  • juki0h 1 year ago

    what happens if the machine for the mist fails? do you have a back up just in case?

  • Gregg “GW” Wiltermood 1 year ago

    Is there an update on the unit I ordered a month ago please send a up date on when you will be shipping my unit PLEASE.

  • Diana Shelton 1 year ago

    Love, love, love your system.  Did I see somewhere you were publishing a ebook on building the system?  Have you developed a website?  Thanks!

  • Stavros Govas 1 year ago

    Thanks for the reply. You are 100% right. In a aquaponic setup this would be great and semi organic . But if you look at how many people try to sell (not you) a system even if its nft to other people who are amateur growers who don't know and say they can grow organic it's a problem. I'm just starting to get into coco so I can say it's organic. You get my drift. I love what what you do and what mhp and Brock do and did for us. I'm just tired of the 'organic' thing. To many people are throwing it out there to sell nutrients and systems

  • Stavros Govas 1 year ago

    Great stuff. Good unit. But you know you can't grow organic in that right. It would clog those misters so fast. The only way to do organic Hydro is by hand. Everyone sells these things as if they can make organic produce. That's not the case. I love Brock Hughes. But ask him of he can run medi one with a pump cause you can't. Any food Hydro store will tell you that. You can hardly run flora Nova through a pump. Great idea and great growing system. I love it. But it will work with synthetics. 

  • Keri Phan 1 year ago


  • Shane Pettman 1 year ago


  • JohnGuest45 1 year ago

    I have an Aquatec CDP-8800, they`ll only manage 125psi. If you put a pressure gauge on it, you`ll find it isnt close to 250psi.

  • Khang Starr 1 year ago

    Nice work!  Hope all goes well.

  • suburban homestead 1 year ago

    Support this project!

  • Shane Pettman 1 year ago

    Awesome work guys !

  • goforgreenliving 1 year ago

    Like the new additions pump and misters make it a more efficient system Great product you have there Thanks

  • Brock Hughes 1 year ago

    Excellent job Ben I hope all is well and going great for you both :)

  • Southpaw Davey 1 year ago

    Looking great good luck.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 1 year ago

    Really excited for you guys. Can't wait to see the final product. Love that new pump !