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Wildiaries is a New Way to See Rare Creatures and Wild Places – we can organise tours to have the experiences you see in our videos. Subscribe to the Wildiaries FREE emagazine: Enquire about wildlife travel: As we sit with a beer and watch the waves roll in at sunset on Quobba Station. Except for a horizon, we’re staring at an ocean unbroken for 6,500km, all the way to Port Dauphin, Madagascar. Tim and Sara own the sheep station, managing 80km of coastline. This dry, windswept land is surprisingly rich. Red Kangaroos are abundant in the paddocks surrounding the windmills, at night big-eyed velvet geckos come out to feed on moths and Thorny Devils on ants at sunrise. MUSIC Dumbsaint Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow Plants Grow Under Water? – Amazing Facts About OceanThe Rain Tower Modifications, Tips, And Ocean Solution Fertilizer ReviewHow Are Plants Able To Grow In The Ocean Without The Sun ? – Kids Video ShowMS Swaminathan – On future of Indian agricultureStructural Change and the Future of Indian AgricultureVertical Farming

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