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Part #33 – Library – Fix Hydroponic Farms (Adytum) Table of Contents: 1. Speak to Miles (pick up mission): 00:10 2. Speak to Sammael (helpful info): 02:17 3. Making way to Warehouse area: 03:11 4. Parts Location: 07:33 5. Return to Miles with parts: 10:38 6. Alternate Stealth strategy for early in the game when you are lower level 12:22 7. Picked up parts: 14:27 Patched with: Fallout1 Hi-Res Patch v4.1.8 Download Fallout1 Hi-Res Patch v4.1.8: Media Fire: Download/View Keyboard Shortcuts(Quick Keys) via Imgur: Download Fallout 1 Full Manual: Keyboard Shortcuts(Quick Keys) Page 120 of manual Media Fire: If you can’t view in browser, there’s a download option. Related PostsCities: Skylines Mass Transit | PART 21 | VERTICAL FARMSGreensgrow Farms – Hydroponic FarmingWaterSmart Farms: Hok Lam – Hydroponic truss tomatoesVertical Hydroponic Lettuce Experiment – Week 6 – HydroVert FarmsMeet Your Neighbor…True Farms Hydroponic LettuceGetting Started – Darwin Junior (Hydroponic Starter Kit for Beginners) – Future Farms (India)

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  • rottensaliva 6 months ago

    I cant find Smitty. His workplace is empty. Is it possible that he got killed during the fight with Regulators?

  • jedenzniewielu 6 months ago

    Thanks for detailed description!

  • Aceito 6 months ago