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Yep. We went there. One of the best superhero movies ever, the best Pixar movie, and one of our top 10 favorites… The Incredibles. Those of you who complain we do too many bad movies… this is for you. Next week: Something recent, and something not-so-much. Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted? Tweet us: Tumble us: Call us: 405-459-7466 Reddit with us: Jeremy’s book now available: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPresident Trump Proves Democrats Wrong Again With How He Just HUMILIATED Kim Jong unEXTRA MINUTES | CITY FARMSCreativity For Kids Craft, plant, water, GROW! This kit will put a smile on your face as it includes everything you need for year ’round gardening#BSF16 Ed Harwoord: With Indoor Farming We’re In Control Of Almost EverythingRoofBloom builds a green roof in 7 minutesHow to make a green roof in 3 minutes and 59 seconds

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  • Arthur Mitchell 9 months ago

    Jeez this channels "sins" are complete bullshit

  • Arthur Mitchell 9 months ago

    Jeez this channels "sins" are complete bullshit

  • mhgirl01 9 months ago

    The sin about powers was not necessary. Because it seems like powers depend on the person's personality rather than their parents. Dash is impatient so super speed, Violet is shy and defensive so forcefield and invisibility, Helen is a flexible mom so flexibility and so on. That sin needs to be removed.

  • you should do the incredibles 2 when it comes out

  • 8bit72HAC 9 months ago

    Everyone attending their wedding at the beginning later dies, either from having a cape, or from being killed by Syndrome.

  • Brad Maxwell 9 months ago

    ur hating on a 14 year old movie wtf loser

  • Inferno blaze 9 months ago

    i thought the sentance was goin to be. NO CAPES

  • Christina Hansen 9 months ago

    a blonde haired man and a red haired woman have a black haired child. ding

  • Andrew Lopez 9 months ago

    what about Syndromes "got busy" moment, once I got the joke, I lost it

  • Jon-Charles Thomas 9 months ago

    10 muminutes video 11:54 sin

  • Kassand R. 9 months ago

    Haha people gotta understand that a good movie or book is one that doesn't explain every single damn thing in detail (it'll end up being a 5 hour movie or an encyclopedia). Just like in real life, you don't always know everything that's going on or why, but you sure can put 2 and 2 together, I hope. As long as it's not a major plot hole then it's honestly not a big deal.

  • Dillon Autry 9 months ago

    the Taylor Swift thing killed me

  • Dancing Pickle Prod. 9 months ago

    I think you forgot to mention the fact that there's no explanation to how Syndro could've amassed all that power and wealth. I mean, you could say he sold his tech (assuming he made it) and made the money (and "company?") that way, but then everyone would already be "super" now wouldn't they?

  • ZipZae Zaveon 9 months ago

    only 2 more years for part 2

  • Angel Topaz 9 months ago


  • Bailey The Witch of Void 9 months ago

    Bob had to pay for the table because there was a steak knife in it

  • Montavious Shumaker 9 months ago

    stop being a hater bitch and they wasent theves if they save them

  • NERD Nation 9 months ago

    yes residential homes do have sprinklers. mine does

  • ToylolliyRBLX 9 months ago

    i don't think it matters. as long as people enjoy it, it should be fine.

  • The Beastly EMG 9 months ago

    Fantastic Four = Incredibles
    Thing = Mr. Incredible
    Human Torch = Dash
    Mr. Fantastic = Mrs. Incredible
    Invisible Woman = Violet