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Volcanic Ash Advisory from the Etna Volcano eruption, new ways to grow tomatoes at -45C on the permafrost of Siberia in triple enclosed greenhouses and Australian farmers and cherry growers are moving to enclose crops and orchards in hectare sized greenhouses due to the destabilizing climate. Make Money Now Off Weather Predictions Here – Landing Rid Your Body of Unwanted Toxins Now! Home Don’t get caught un-prepared stock up on survival food today! Support ADAPT 2030 on PATREON ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age FB Page David’s Website You can also find this Mini Ice Age Conversations podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio The world’s only all-year greenhouse built on permafrost sells its first crop Farmers plant paddocks in smart houses to safeguard against climate change Etna Volcano eruption Volcanic Ash Advisory Related PostsMordern Agriculture technology 2017 – Best Farm the WorldFood for the Future: Agriculture in a Sustainable WorldGalactic Farms: Indoor urban agriculture with Bioponics and AquaponicsDesjardins unveils the tallest indoor living wall in the worldJohn Edel. Indoor Urban AgricultureTransition – Dept. of BHM

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  • lmwrt 1 month ago

    Another great video, as always. Even here in southern Europe this eruption was not in the news………wonder why????

  • Elephant in the room 1 month ago

    Good video!  If you wonder why scientists advise this or that regarding the ash clouds, go and learn about it 🙂

  • Wolfe Furry wolfe the wolf 1 month ago

    Weather haves all ways go up an down dry an wet. but as the earth gets hoter you do see cold an snowy weather but if you look at he earth temp its going up. one day he earth will be ice free.yes we need to adapt but not for the cold but the dry. have you been to the North west befor you will see its getting hoter an dryer.

  • Lisa A. 1 month ago

    The ad before the video starts… a young girl is saying "I'm really worried about climate change"….

  • Margo's Healing Corner 1 month ago

    We should be living in domed cities.

  • MilliettcPcos 1 month ago

    Thank you for the video David, I seriously hope you are ok and enjoying a holiday. you deserve a break with all the informative videos you keep giving us, it must take a lot of time to put them together.

  • Frank Geeraerts 1 month ago

    Are you ok David , ??? Seems to be more of us to worry !

  • Brandon Peniuk 1 month ago

    Hey Dave,
    you haven't posted since the 4th. Is everything ok?

  • Bill Whiteside 1 month ago

    Hope you are well. Best wishes to you. Your efforts are appreciated and recognized.
    Your goodness comes through in all you do here.

  • Harry Baines 1 month ago

    ETna was a VEI 2. You're joking right?

  • News & Views Today 1 month ago

    Look into Aquaponics its the highest producer of food with minimal cost & high levels of nutritional value, its Hydroponics on steroids, you can grow inside poly tunnels & the result is minimal use of water no wastage as the fish produce the fertilizer that organically feeds the veggies & you can eat both. Worth looking into.

    KŌYA project is teaching Aquaponics to children in orphanages in Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Thailand, Mexico & East L.A. not only to feed the children but to teach them so they can have a business & career as they move forward into the future & become a plus to society vs a potential of being a burden. Check AQUAPONICS out for growing healthy & nutritious foods.

  • Jan Komeet 1 month ago

    green houses new?  Look in the Netherlands  Thousands and Thousands of hectarias of enclosed greenhouses. For years nothing new.

  • possibility of 3 inches of snow this Sunday in the D.C metro area , some of the tree's and flowers have already started to bud. Don't think that is very normal for mid-march in the mid-Atlantic…

  • Philip Freeman 1 month ago

    With the volcanic ash,its time to STOP POISON CHEMTRAILS N O W.

  • Liz Deapen 1 month ago

    So…..what up with the dam in Cali?? I don't want anyone hurt or to lose all their stuff or anything – but everything is at 11 on a scale of 1 – 10 and then, nothing. I'm just wondering about that.

  • Jewel Heart 1 month ago

    Solar minimum is responsible. Utter crap to connect Etna to this, it has always been active and will not affect world weather. Nothing worse than misinformed hysterical garbage like this.

  • G. H. 1 month ago

    Any updates on Oriville Dam? Are people being allowed back?

  • Tom bryan 1 month ago

    should I dig a hole and climb in it?