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element14 visits with Milan Kluko, President and Daniel Kluko, Head of Research and Development of Green Spirit Farms in Michigan, USA. Milan and Daniel talk about the various industrial controls used in their commercial vertical farming operations from hydroponics to the evolution of the types of lighting used. The element14 Vertical Farming Design Challenge gave 15 engineers a set of components from Silicon Labs and Wurth Elektronic with the challenge of producing the greatest amount of crop (spinach) in the smallest possible footprint. The answer – beyond elegant electronic design – includes growing on multiple, stacked horizontal planes. Read more about the Vertical Farming Design Challenge: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Vertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry KakazuFather of Vertical Farming Answers Can This Really Work- Robert Colangelo Green Sense FarmsVertical FarmingUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’Dickson Despommier On Vertical Farming

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  • ringlordful 11 months ago

    i do simila thing the weed !
    made me rich !!!!!!!!!!

  • Malcolm Whinfield (Astrelect) 11 months ago

    I would be interested in the oxygen offset to planting and whether the power consumption would be carbon neutral. Also I personally would use as much natural light fibre optic to feed the lighting with a balance of LED lights to offset the enrichment process and supply when dark or cloudy.

  • jpalm32 11 months ago

    Good! Didn't mention Al Gore once! Great!