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Producers: Christy Prouty, Eric Koenig This video was originally created as part of a graduate seminar in interdisciplinary studies focusing on reclaiming resources from waste at the University of South Florida. Here we highlight one entrepreneur’s eco-friendly on-site treatment systems, which recover water and nutrients from wastewater and consider his systems in the context of wastewater management opportunities and challenges on the Placencia Peninsula of Belize. More information can be found at: Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. The following images and music used in this video are sourced from the Creative Commons and other sources licensed for reuse. No changes were made to the original images. Creative Commons image “Cruise Ship Norwegian Spirit” ( by Magnus Manske (2007), is licensed under CC Attribution ShareAlike 3.0. Image of Harvest Caye Proposed Development ( from the San Pedro Sun (2014), is labeled for reuse. Image of “Belize Barrier Reef satellite.jpg” ( by Franklin Seal (2013) [], is labeled for reuse. Image of “Map of Placencia Peninsula, showing the locations of communities, the lagoon, and other key landscape features” by Zaida Darley (2014) (from Wells et al. 2014, p. 4) Image of “USGS Landsat satellite images of Placencia Peninsula before (left, from 1999) and after (right, from 2013) Hurricane Iris, 2001 (archives of the United States Geological Survey, (from Wells et al. 2014, p. 6). Image of “Anaerobic digesters overhead view.jpg” ( by Vortexrealm (2005), is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic. Image “n4x3kq-ewmdtanksbinary1574399” [Caption: “Eastern Municipal Water District has completed a seven-year expansion project at the Perris Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility.”] ( by The Press Enterprise (2014), is labeled for reuse. Image of “Diagram of […]


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  • USF Reclaim 8 months ago

    3.) How could this video be improved? 

  • USF Reclaim 8 months ago

    2.) In this week’s video, we highlighted how the word ‘Reclaim’ can represent a business opportunity for entrepreneurs in sustainable wastewater management. What other examples of wastewater resource recovery entrepreneurs have you seen, experienced, or read about, and how do they address the logistical, cultural, and socioeconomic challenges of promoting their products and services? [Think of your answer in terms of scale, perceptions, regulations, geographic and cultural context, and supply and demand]

  • USF Reclaim 8 months ago

    1.) From a technical, cultural, and / or socio-economic perspective, give reasons why it is important to consider the different wastewater systems on the Placencia Peninsula, both those that are currently implemented and those that are suggested for the future.