Added by on 2017-03-20 Here is a very easy way to trellis your cucumbers to grow vertically rather than have them spread over your garden. This works great. Get them in place and watch the cucumbers crawl up, bloom and give you nice cucumbers. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: Check out my fishing Channel: Check out my California Veggie Garden Blog: Related PostsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyVertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber Trellis – Week 8Vertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber Trellis – Week 8Vertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber TrellisVertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber Trellis – Week 5How to Make a 6 foot Cucumber & Vegetable Trellis in 15 Minutes: Grow Vertical! – TRG 2014

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  • JW Pookie 6 months ago

    I didn't even think of using my pvc from my dome bed for a trellis…it was just sitting in the shed because I am done using until next spring. I just love getting more than one use out of things. Thanks, and great vid.

  • Andy Mullins 6 months ago

    good use of space and I can tell you love growing veggies. Thanks for sharing what you know.

  • ชนิสรา พุกประจบ 6 months ago


  • Kelly Rufo 6 months ago

    Hi I love everything you do I follow your video thank you and God bless you and your family.

  • Dorys Petersen 6 months ago

    you're little girl is adorable. You are truly blessed.

  • Charito 6 months ago

    I'm from so cal, will follow you and garden along

  • Charito 6 months ago

    Hi cute!

  • Wee Pee Pridad 6 months ago

    the baby is so cute.

  • Vipul Mahaju 6 months ago

    Growing Beens

  • Cindy . Hope Sparks 6 months ago

    Great ideas love your videos.

  • Felicia 6 months ago

    Currently house hunting. When I get a house, I plan to garden. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  • GardenVoice 6 months ago

    Good information and very well presented.  Thanks for a clear demonstration of how to inexpensively trellis your cucumbers!

  • Hayley Wallace 6 months ago

    I think I could this in my vegetable bed for my cucumbers and melons growing!

  • therealmylesracing 6 months ago

    Thanks for the video! Cute kids too =)

  • Michael nickrent 6 months ago

    Lol @ 3:27

  • Misty Richardson 6 months ago

    What is that plant that you have growing on the fence behind your cucumbers? Also what is that little tree? Thanks for the info on the trellis, I'm going to try that this year.

  • Doug H 6 months ago

    Dear Mandy Pruitt, I would have sworn your name is Jack. Jack Ass.

  • Mandy Pruitt 6 months ago

    "Easy" and "Simple" are synonymous.  Was there any appreciable reason to use both words in the title?  My gut says there was not. I'm sorry, I didn't watch your video.  I assumed that since you don't have a basic grasp on the English language, you'd be spouting nonsense.  I'm quite certain to be correct.  You're welcome.

  • בן יעבץ - סודות השיווק האינטרנטי 6 months ago

    Thanks man. great video

  • CaliforniaGardener 6 months ago

    Well the first year I just decided to build it like this because I thought the cucumbers would have an easier time climbing. What I actually found was that the plants being partially shaded actually did really well. Down here in Southern California the sun can do some damage, so this can help the more sensitive plants.