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John from goes on a field trip to the 2011 Lawn and Garden Trade Show. In this episode you will learn about the best products at the show that allow you to grow more food at home. John will show systems that allow you to maximize your space and grow vertically, as well as a new no assembly required raised bed, hanging on wall planter, worm cafe worm bin, waist height raised bed, decorative rain barrels, a solar powered rain barrel pump and more! Related PostsSelf Watering Raised Bed Garden + More from 2017 National Hardware ShowWaist High Pallet Garden & More at the 2013 SF Flower and Garden ShowBuilding Raised Garden Beds For Schools and More – GardenForkTeaching Kids Vertical Hydroponic Growing & Raised Bed Gardening at Pine Jog School in South FloridaKids Show; Raised Garden Bed, Indoor Golf and Bottle Rockets | Episode 20, Season 7 (2008)Grow a Vertical Wall Garden with NEW Products at the 2013 National Hardware Show

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  • RoboTekno 10 months ago

    "…It says, No Photography, but I guess they forgot about video recording!"
    LOL! You gotta love Loop Holes ;-)

  • Derek Greenhalgh 10 months ago

    $40 here and $40 there, most of it is junk and can be made for nothing. I have watched a lot of you videos but this one realy lowered your image to me, you must have money to throw away unlike some who are trying to make ends meet and grow some food, if they had the $40 they could go eat well

  • bluestilton 10 months ago

    grow those seeds

  • dymondwillow2 10 months ago

    How come any video with a Kashi advertisement ahead of it does not play?

  • LeapingFrog Lady 10 months ago

    I really enjoy when you go to conventions. Since we can't go to California or Florida, it's nice to have you film these places for us. You help us learn so much. Thanks

  • bigspintantien 10 months ago

    hahaha look at his hair at the start, and then at the end. Looks like he got mad pussy at that convention

  • VTECsqznN2O 10 months ago

    @growingyourgreens Indeed! I take thrown away plastic containers and convert them into raised planters…this way I get the benefits of plastic and self watering, without the impact :)

  • Chuck Dow 10 months ago

    John, this is Chuck from Susquehanna Garden Concepts! It was a real pleasure meeting you and talking at the show! I enjoyed the video you posted here and feel proud you chose to feature our products as part of your quality finds at the show! I look forward to seeing more of your videos and if there is ever anything I can, please don't hestitate to contact me!

  • Mark Sprinkle 10 months ago

    Looking forward to the big bag raised bed video. Brilliant idea.

  • Chanel Crane 10 months ago

    I love your videos I don't have raised beds tho , my husband can't see the expense do you have any free ideas out of recycled materials an such I really want to grow my greens .

  • Juan Garcia 10 months ago

    John, I agree with you, You bring us a source of inspiration to change the current system of consuming resource and wasting. I love your videos and I appreciate your effort to bring the latest findings you do for all of us. Thanks a lot.

  • Mei Khuu 10 months ago

    Thanks, John. I enjoyed your shows very much. The things I most the most is the rain barrel with a fountain on top. It's the most creative rain barrel I've seen. Mei

  • reuben veloz 10 months ago

    Thanks for the grat work that you do for us.You are like the Anthony bourdain of gardening like he is for food and travel.You should hook up with the travel channel or get some sponsers any how keep up the good work.thanks

  • thehittmann1981 10 months ago

    I think UrBin may be a play on words and should be pronounced as Urban…

  • jitakyoeiJL 10 months ago

    @growingyourgreens good call. I appreciate the vids. Thx

  • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens 10 months ago

    I strive to share the most useful items. I agree most of the show did have alot of "junk" that is a waste of resources. I wish EVERYONE were all natural, organic and sustainable….most are not there yet.. Baby Steps.. Lets Get Growing First. In my show, I strive to show all the options so people where-ever they are at can learn and benefit. Someone who is handy can make their own version of the products I share, and I hope that my videos are a source of inspiration that causes perspiration

  • shellbyrd1 10 months ago

    O man I really really love this video! there are so many different raised bed garden ideasand I really loved the lost one it was hecka cool! I can't wait to see you do some vids on the use of that fabric raised bed! Thanks for taking us with you to the show!

  • keystoneprepper 10 months ago

    Another great video John!

  • Prophetic End Times 10 months ago

    That was great!!! Thank you for showing us all the neat inventions,wonderful!
    Look forward to your raised bed vid :)

  • theeastwatch 10 months ago

    @enovalee Obviously you didn't understand my request, and I will certainly refrain from giving this channel any user feedback in the future. I clearly see it is unwelcome.