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It’s time to start a new crop of hydroponic tomatoes in the dutch buckets. But first, I need to look back at what was learned from the last crop. I noticed a bit of algae in the bottom of the buckets, so I now have them covered with black plastic. The paint strainers are fine to use again. The perlite is being re-used and is showing no signs of problems. I give tips about where to get buckets and the grommets, and show my newest system. All together, I have 40 tomatoes going in 3 different systems, and working just great. If you have questions about what fertilizer I use, all of the answers are in the following video : Dutch bucket hydroponics is not the least bit complicated. So if you’re struggling with growing tomatoes, don’t have a garden, or just don’t have much time, give it a try. I think you’ll like the results. Related PostsUpdate Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes Oct 2012 HDStarting Up Hydroponic Dutch Bucket TomatoesHydroponic Update ~ Dutch Bucket Tomatoes and Kratky LettuceHydroponic Greenhouse Project, Dutch bucket tomatoes, NFT Peppers and LettuceSingle Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System – Easy DIY – Patio – Balcony – Winter GardeningHydroponic NFT with Bucket System / Dutch Bucket

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  • Emil Venezio 1 year ago

    Bobby, How well did you weather the storm? I know you got hit hard there Tried to get a hold of Donald to see how he is, but his mail is full.

  • Barry Sookhoo 1 year ago

    what kind of tomatoes did you grow?

  • Ken Blair 1 year ago

    I love watching your videos. They are very informative. Especially since I am just getting started with Hydroponics. Would you please tell me what type of nutrient mix you use, and is there one brand or mix type that's better than another for this type of system?

  • TheOldLookOutLodge 1 year ago

    98 hatin' bitches thumbin this video down.

  • KimChiTofu 1 year ago

    what do you have to put in the water? what kind of chemical should i use?

  • akiaanderson 1 year ago

    Can you grow multiple tomatoes in the buckets? And is it possible to use these buckets and water the plants on your own?

  • reinux 1 year ago

    Wow, that's awesome. Are you selling to farm markets?

  • Pedro Venega 1 year ago

    good vídeo thank you ;)

  • naid Ressicy 1 year ago

    I have question, can you plant pepper on those setting that you got going on? besides tomatoes and lettuce. everyone seems to show off tomatoes n lettuce I have seen so far. you think peppers and other plants will grow on that?

  • Rick McClain 1 year ago

    Matt, great videos. You've inspired me to try it. You made the case for black buckets to keep down algae. However, I'm on the Gulf Coast, and I'm going to do this outside. I'm thinking that black buckets might absorb too much heat. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • ami gi 1 year ago

    Can we add plant growth promoters to solution of nutrients? (I mean auxins, cytokines)

  • Claude Geoffrion 1 year ago

    Awsome vid. Very informative.

  • A Paranormal Experience 1 year ago

    MPH you the man. Thank you for taking the time. Question? How often do you change the crop? What is the typical growth timeline from seed to fruit to death? I will be growing indoors in a tent with 400 watt MH bulbs. Also is there a 18 hour light requirement to then 12 hour in order for the tomato plant to fruit?



  • Van Ny 1 year ago

    កម្មវិធីដំណាំលើទឹកនឹងដាំ ដាក់ជីវាអាចអោយប្រជាក្រីក្រធ្វើបាន

  • Van Ny 1 year ago

    កម្មវិធីកែរឆ្នៃនឹងគ្រឿងបង្គំវាអាចជួយប្រជាចេះបានដូចជា គ្រឿងម៉ាស៊ីនបកពោត បន្លេះពោត

  • boobcreek 1 year ago


  • Ohana Group Buy 1 year ago

    Hello, have you ever experienced blossom end rot in your system? If so, what did you do to treat them?

  • David Castellano 1 year ago

    Your setup is awesome!! I am a first time gardener and want too much too fast. I am fascinated with hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics and want to start something small to learn and develop something big. I love tomatoes and would like to start growing something fast simply because I live in the Midwest and the weather is funny acting here. I typically can only garden March through early November. Any good tips on which method I should start with?

  • Tommy TheNice 1 year ago

    hi, i had an idea, why not substitute the reservoirpump system, with a large wick watering system? many people use that in according with soil pots and it works really good!

  • jffrywad 1 year ago

    how many times did you use suckers before you noticed a difference?