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After giving the lanterns a little bit of time to grow on me, I ended up building some wall sconces to replace them. For a written tutorial check out my blog at Follow me on Facebook at 12 Pocket Indoor Outdoor Wall Hanging Planter Vertical Felt Garden Plant Grow Container Bags from EVERBUYING Related PostsVintage Wooden Garden Flower Planter Box Planter Storage Wall Mounted OrganizerFlower Pots , RIOGOO Iron Hanging Flower Pots,Balcony Garden Pots Wall Planters Metal Bucket FlowerВертикальное озеленение, кашпо, вазоны || Planters, vertical gardening, flower potsLiving Art – Rustic Wall mounted frame installVegetables grown in potsFFXIV Flower Pots & Indoor Gardening Guide

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  • IceTurf 10 months ago

    3:15 "Sconches"

  • Brede Tjønneland 10 months ago

    Very Nice

  • ToonLifeEntertainment 10 months ago

    do a home tour show everthing you made in your house

  • Nick Manuhutu 10 months ago

    Can you build something without a nailing gun???

  • Gerold Rubens 10 months ago

    he you ar the Marryat ?`
    bye be Cologne Germany

  • Lisa T 10 months ago

    I like the other ones better sry

  • SunshineCurtis 10 months ago

    did you have to go to school to learn this? I would like to learn this trade?

  • vallegrl37 10 months ago

    Lub lub these!!!! 

  • unoefxz 10 months ago

    +Natalie Knight this is right up your alley and would be a great project to get you a bit more comfortable with your nemesis!!! THE TABLE SAW!!!!

  • Jeff Burklow 10 months ago

    awesome job as usual they look great! thanks for sharing

  • Hervé Vandevoorde 10 months ago

    Cette fille a tous les talents.  Petite, elle a certainement été bercéé par une fée !
    Very good .  Thanks April.

  • xxdjcharlierockxx 10 months ago

    added to my projects list! very cool looking might get me brownie points with the wife lol  great job

  • Rose Stewart-Fram 10 months ago

    I love those sconces or planters. I noticed that before cutting it in half it would make a wastepaper can. Great project!

  • Adam Huff 10 months ago

    Nice video

  • Jim Beshears 10 months ago

    And believe me I'm not a safety Nazi by any means, lol.

  • Jim Beshears 10 months ago

    Man I wish you'd keep your fingers away from that brad nailer.  I had one go through my finger once.  It wasn't very pleasant. 

  • Mandala man 10 months ago

    if you remove the centre panel and put in a translucent one they would make nice rustic lamps too.

  • Jeff Thompson 10 months ago

    excellent flower choice… wow…what a diff. it made.

  • Flavio Cordova 10 months ago

    very nice !!!

  • Atle Grønsund 10 months ago

    Very nice! Creativity always works nomatter what the project is! Good job!