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I actually grew to like my last planter box, but not enough to throw me off my original plan. So I gave it another shot and was able to nail it this time. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsProject – Planter Box made from Cedar Fence PicketsIdaho Lawmakers Take Steps to Raise Health Awareness in SchoolsHow Ants Take Care of Their FarmsWorld Naked Bike Ride – 2015 – Take a ride with meUS farmers take to streets against MonsantoMake a Cool Succulent Wall Planter – DIY Home – Guidecentral


Vertical Gardens



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  • Giggle smith 9 months ago

    Looks great! I'll have to settle for a few planter boxes on Amazon.

  • edward vargo 9 months ago

    I like this one more. the square one was great as well but it Did look more like a trash can. VERY NICE. You are such an amazing and Talented Person!

  • Derek Rowlands 9 months ago

    Do you publish plans for any of your projects?

  • Xav Lyon 9 months ago

    Hi April, as always a wonderful diy video.
    I prefer the square planter box, cause it's more stable ( of course top and bottom faces are same size !! 😉 ).
    Isn't it strange to put weight in the highest half of an "inverted triangular shape" planter box ?? 😛
    Well nevermind. Your designs are still nice as usual.
    Keep going on !
    Best regards from France

  • Shahzeb Malik 9 months ago


  • Steven Chavez 9 months ago

    I like this one better. In your video you smirk when something comes out good. It cracks me up because I know the feeling. Love when an idea comes together.

  • Alejandro Muñoz Muñoz 9 months ago

    Hello desde Chile. pregunta la maquinaria que tienes tu es mas barata que en mi país. …

  • Sasa Cuca 9 months ago

    Better :D

  • Alistair Dymock 9 months ago

    fantastic videos. great pace. I think it's the paint colour choice of black I'm not loving on this, but lovely design.

  • Maureen Chantry 9 months ago

    Like these I am 78 and just getting into small woodwork items love this and will try my own version ..I do not have all the tools so I shall have to improvise.Nice to see there are other ladies trying.Congratulations

  • Michelle Rushing 9 months ago

    yes okay I see the eye you first had I like both

  • Pickle Pickle 9 months ago

    you are a bad ass! new sub

  • Anthony Ezekian 9 months ago

    This one seems nicer than the other one. Great job April.

  • ‫قصي النسور‬‎ 9 months ago

    nice and clear

  • Miguel Sanchez Santana 9 months ago

    megustan sus videos

  • Aurimas Žiulpa 9 months ago

    were did you get diresta pencel

  • colormegone03 9 months ago

    Nice, I like the tapered one better….thanks for sharing.

  • Farhan Mughal 9 months ago

    hy,April I recommend you to buy a matrix black and decker cordless drill with various attachments