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In this video I’m installing some metal roofing over an existing ash-fault shingled roof. This is not a complete install only basic install on a bungalow, I’m not showing how to install in valleys, dormers around chimneys or installing pipe flashing, trims, flashing, gable trims etc. Please check out other peoples videos here on YouTube for more information. The steal I installed in this video are 3 foot wide panels, 29 gauge. Cost of installing metal depends on many factors, if you remove your old layers of shingles to install new ash-fault shingles you will have to pay for disposal of the old shingles, always factor that into your quot. For myself in the end metal is only a couple of hundred dollars more, also less labor to install and much faster to install. I am not a roofer. This is just a DIY install on “my cottage roof”, always follow the code in your area and speak with a professional metal installer. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHometime “How-To” Video Guide: Roofing, Preparation and InstallationMetal Roofing Manufacturing and InstallationHOW TO INSTALL PLWOOD SHEATHING!.The .best installation video. Roofing videoLondon Eco Metal Roof Manufacturing – Eco Tile Installation (Method 1)HOW TO VIDEO: Roofing Basics …Installing a valley on a shingle roof…the easiest and fastest wayHow To Measure And Install Multi Rib Metal Roofing Part 1

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  • Carl Smith 1 year ago

    16;59 of over and over and over?

  • Ricky Elliott 1 year ago

    No paper? omg lol what a horrible install.?

  • Nestor Cortez 1 year ago

    Roger Fossette u always walk where u have layed ur lumber… in this case the 1

  • Stev Rex 1 year ago

    Rain being driven by wind, to go up into the gap. Where do you live Tahiti??

  • Roger Fossette 1 year ago

    a question…. with the panels raised on 24 centers, how do you walk on it to keep from bending it??? would like to know… also on my home I have front and back porches which change the roof angle…. do you us a valley where they meet and keep going?????

  • Matt Bliese 1 year ago

    Would caulking the closures on top and on the sides be a good idea??

  • zatoichi101 1 year ago

    Hey!! Thanks for posting this!! I have a simple garage that I need to cover. The condition is exactly the same as your video — with old shingles that are starting to curve up, etc. I was toying with taking the old shingles off and putting all new shingles, but that is such a hassle. This looks to be an easier, quicker process. And I think it looks great! Thank you for posting this!!!?

  • Snoo Lee 1 year ago


  • brokenarrowez 1 year ago

    Basically, behave children.?

  • chess 1 year ago

    really enjoyed this! I'm thinking about installing metal on my shed and I found your info very helpful. Thanks for the video!?

  • Bernard Sobbe 1 year ago

    because you have that 3/4" space under your metal roof on warm sunny days and cooler nights aren't you going to create condensate on the underside of your metal panels?

  • Ken LaFernier 1 year ago

    install over shingles fine. do not add strips it creates extra noise for one and metal condensates so you have to wrap strips with ice and water or theyll rot. best to tear off and ice and water whole roof deck and install metal directly over top. building science acadamy of new york?

  • Imran Hasan 1 year ago

    I did similar for my chicken house(13×50 feet). But it needs exhaust fan. Otherwise it will be rain inside from moisture. Very good idea.?

  • Hydrashok357 1 year ago

    I wager to say his favorite phrase is "locked in."?

  • PlayGirl 1 year ago

    where did you order your materials?

  • elizabeth schleimer 1 year ago


  • tom Collide 1 year ago

    Metal Roof, Eddie B has it! your www. here…?

  • peter hy 1 year ago

    Is it galvalume??