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Just finished our DIY high pressure aeroponics system prototype, here’s a preview of the system. The automation is done through 2 Particle Photon’s which transfer information from the system to your phone (PH, EC (PPM), Temp, humidity, reservoir temp). In our next video we will add our self correcting PH Automation System. You can find out more about the system at Aeroponics System Info: Pump: 160PSI Reservoir Size: 18 Gallon Number of Misters: 4 Number of Sites/Nodes: 26 Types of plants that we will be planting in this prototype: Optima Lettuce F1 Basil Thai Basil Broccoli Cilantro Parsley Winter Density Lettuce Great Lakes Lettuce Redina Lettuce Spinach All of our organic non-GMO seeds are purchased at Please forgive the terrible video skills! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLarge High Pressure Aeroponics System TestDubai TV D I Y High pressure Aeroponics system Universidad Dr Ehisten Godoy PachecoFinal Kickstarter Update, 2.0 Version of Art Garden, NEW High Pressure Aeroponics & Thermal JacketD.I.Y. High pressure Aeroponics grow tower update.Time Lapse of Bhut Assam in DIY low pressure aeroponics systemLow Pressure Aeroponics System Pt 1

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  • alfamaize 3 months ago

    I see that my question on your earlier video has been answered. Thanks.

  • Fleanis Werkhardt 3 months ago

    Questions : Why doesn't the 160psi mist damage the plant roots? What brand pump is it? And also what pH meter is it? And what are Particle Photons?

  • Atom izer 3 months ago

    There`s no need for PH or EC monitoring with HPA, run it to waste and save a fortune on unnecessary tech ;). A 1 minute misting cycle is 57 seconds too long for a pump driven system and 59 seconds too long for an accumulator equipped system.

  • Frank Bonilla 3 months ago

    GREAT system! 😎