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Easy video tutorial of DIY desk organization stuff made as a miniature baby room with a courtyard. Here you will find how to make mini baby pram, mini baby crib, mini bookcase, mini drawers and mini potted trees. I think the desk must be colorful and stuff on it must be bright. Because when you are tired of doing your homework or any other work, you can just look at the desk decorations and feel a relief 🙂 And what can be more cute and peaceful rather than miniature baby room? For the first DIY desk project – DIY Mini Bookcase – you will need: 1 fast food plastic sauce cup (I used a cup from McDonald’s), 4 cotton buds, glue and decorative tape (not necessary). In this mini coffee table you can store small things like paper clips, SIM cards, coins etc. For the second desk organization project – DIY Mini Baby Pram – you will need: 1 fast food plastic sauce cup (I used a cup from McDonald’s), 2 bendy drinking straws, paper cupcake liner, 4 round pushpins, glue, decorative tape and small bows (not necessary). It is perfect storage for push pins or paperclips. The third DIY Desk Organization Idea is a Mini Courtyard – 2 miniature potted trees with a “clothesline” and “laundry” (your notes). It is one of my favourite ideas in this video. Mini trees look so cute at the desk. And it is so comfortable to hang new notes on them… Awesome! Lol Well, for one mini tree you will need: 1 paper coffee cup (as a pot), 1 drinking straw, 1 plastic bottle cap, decorative stones for potted flowers (or just take small stones from the street), green yarn, glue, decorative tape and bows (not necessary), a thin wooden stick (I took […]

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