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Hydroponic vertically grown vegetables and salad greens are clean and natural and require no toxic pesticides. At Alegría Fresh, we grow all our produce sustainably – using 90% less water, 50% less fertilizer, 90% less energy and 70% less land than traditional organic farming. Alegría Fresh produce is grown locally in Laguna Beach — improving nutritional content and saving fuel, reducing the environmental impact of transporting produce across continents. Find out today how you can change your outlook and improve your health by eating the cleanest, just-picked greens and vegetables from Alegría Fresh. Feel better, be sharper and stronger and enjoy life at a whole new level! Related PostsVertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get StartedIdeas for Green Walls and Vertical Gardens Urban GardeningPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsDiscover Vertical Gardening Made Easy For Beginners DIYFreight Container Vertical Hydroponic Farm (Better Fresh Farms, Guyton GA)!!!Another 5 Modern Indoor Gardens, The Smart Way To Grow Fresh Herbs And Vegetables #2

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